Viewer of Ethereum tokens and transactions based on ERC20 standard.
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Ethplorer - Ethereum Tokens Explorer

Easy viewer for investors and ICOs API and Widgets for developers

Provides API, TOP charts, Ethereum Tokens Index, Widgets for websites.

Online version at

alt tag

Ethereum Tokens Index

alt tag

TOP Tokens by Activity, Capitalization and Trade volume

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Candlebar charts for tokens

alt tag Prices/Volumes candlebar chart for each trading token

Portfolio chart for any ethereum address

alt tag Historical volume and value chart. Detailed information about all tokens.

Transactional prices for all transfers

alt tag

Widgets for third-party websites

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Samples and instructions for widget usage


Documentation available at WIKI pages.


Clone repository into separate webserver's directory.

cd /var/www
mkdir ethplorer
git clone ethplorer

Make sure your web server supports .htaccess and mod_rewrite.


Copy service/config.sample.php to service/config.php and specify service addresses.


By using Ethplorer code fully or partially, API, widgets or any other service on your website or app for commerce or non-profit activities, you hereby grant permission and allow us to use your business name and/or trademark in our marketing or advertising.