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This is a client library in c# to demonstrate the usage of the signhost api using .net
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Signhost client library

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This is a client library in c# to demonstrate the usage of the signhost api using .net. You will need a valid APPKey and APIKey. You can request a APPKey for signhost at


Get it on NuGet:

PM> Install-Package SignhostClientLibrary

Example code

The following code is an example of how to create and start a sign transaction with two documents.

var client = new SignHostApiClient(new SignHostApiClientSettings("AppName appkey", "apikey or usertoken"));

var transaction = await client.CreateTransactionAsync(new Transaction
	Signers = new List<Signer>
		new Signer
			Email = "",
			SignRequestMessage = "Could you please sign this document?",
			SendSignRequest = true,
			 * The verifications listed here are executed in order.
			 * Your last verification _must_ be one of the following:
			 * - PhoneNumberVerification
			 * - ScribbleVerification
			 * - ConsentVerification
			Verifications = new List<IVerification> {
				new PhoneNumberVerification {
					Number = "+3161234567890"
				new ScribbleVerification {
					ScribbleName = "John Doe",
					RequireHandsignature = true,

await client.AddOrReplaceFileToTransactionAsync("PathToFile",    transaction.Id, "First document",    new FileUploadOptions());
await client.AddOrReplaceFileToTransactionAsync("PathOtherFile", transaction.Id, "General agreement", new FileUploadOptions());

/* When everything is setup we can start the transaction flow */
await client.StartTransactionAsync(transaction.Id);
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