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Extended Communities

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Extended Community format

The understood extended communities are:

  • target
  • target4
  • origin
  • origin4
  • redirect
  • l2info ( experimental )

Text interface

Extended communities syntax is :

extended-community <community> extended-community [ <community> ... ]


valid syntax are :

target:<ip>:<asn> target:<asn>:<ip> origin:<ip>:<asn> origin:<asn>:<ip>

with ip in the . decimal form, and a 16 bit ASN

target:<asn>:<ip> origin:<asn>:<ip>

with both asn and ip as decimal form, using a 16 bit ASN

target:<asn>L:<ip> origin:<asn>L:<ip> target4:<asn>:<ip> origin4:<asn>:<ip>

with both asn and ip as decimal form, using a 32 bit ASN


with the first number being 16 bits and the second 32


untested, and therefore not yet documented

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