Change Log

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3.16.2 for Minecraft 1.7.10 April 24, 2015

Bug Fixes


*Fixed Treecapitator support.

*Added the ability to disable quicksand to the config file.

*Also added the ability to disable cracked sand, but this behavior is currently untested if you leave wasteland biomes enabled.

*Added the ability to disable “legendary” oak generation to the config file.

*Merged in a lot of localization updates from the community for:


French Canadian


Brazilian Portuguese


*Fix for disabled Forestry backpacks crashing things.

3.16 for Minecraft 1.7.10 October 10, 2014

New Features

*Slimes now spawn in Green Swamps (Please note due to an incompatibility between Forge and Optifine, if you are playing single player and have Optifine installed slimes will not spawn in the Green Swamp. If you are connected to a server or playing without Optifine slimes will spawn under the same conditions as they would in a vanilla swamp.)

*Our biomes now have weights that are configurable, allowing some of them to show up more frequently than others. You can also configure them via the config file to make them more likely to spawn. Please keep in mind that these values must be divisible by ten due to a bug is how the selection code works in vanilla/forge.

*Doors are available in all of our types of wood

By default they can have up to 64 in a stack like vanilla doors in 1.8 and you get three from each crafting action. If you want stacks or one or only one item per crafting action you can change the setting in the config file. Like all other mod doors villagers and zombies will not interact with our doors, and our doors are not considered to be part of villages. This will probably not change till Minecraft 1.8 due to how things are coded in minecraft itself.

*Fences are also available for all of out types of wood.

Crafted using four of one type of our planks, two on the left and two on the right, with two sticks in the middle.

*Fence Gates for all of our wood types.

Crafted using four sticks, two on the left and two on the right, with two planks in the middle.

Bug Fixes

*Redrock Stairs were missing the 's' to make them plural

*Strawberries should now be able to be disable via the config file

3.16.RC3 for Minecraft 1.7.10 October 5, 2014

Change Log

New Features

*Slimes now spawn in Green Swamps (Please note due to an incompatibility between Forge and Optifine, if you are playing single player and have Optifine installed slimes will not spawn in the Green Swamp. If you are connected to a server or playing without Optifine slimes will spawn under the same conditions as they would in a vanilla swamp.)

*Our biomes now have weights that are configurable, allowing some of them to show up more frequently than others. You can also configure them via the config file to make them more likely to spawn. Please keep in mind that these values must be divisible by ten due to a bug is how the selection code works in vanilla/forge.

Bug Fixes

*Sakura fence incorrectly called it's self an Acacia Fence

*Scarecrow bug fixes

The scarecrow no longer registers itself globally so it should not cause issues with mods like Artifact.

The scarecrow should also have it's name properly show up in mods that can display entity names such as Waila or Thaumcraft.

*Redrock Stairs were missing the 's' to make them plural.

*Our food, strawberries, chocolate, and chocolate strawberries now use the 1.7.x food mechanics making the compatible with Hunger Overhaul.

*Strawberries should now be able to be disable via the config file.

3.16.RC2 for Minecraft 1.7.10 September 28, 2014

Change Log


*Biomes once again remember custom id's as set in config.

*Scarecrow and cactus paste are once more craftable.

*Redrock slabs and it's variants register prior to creating their crafting recipes so as to no longer create invalid recipes.

3.16.RC1 for Minecraft 1.7.10 September 25, 2014

Change Log

  • Lots of bug fixes left over from porting to 1.7.10
  • No more crafting crashes from half slabs do to a change in the recipe manager between 1.6 and 1.7
  • All our tree now spawn correctly and mini cacti now spawn as themselves instead of the blocks that they tried to spawn on top of.
  • Forestry API has been updated and works again.
  • New uses for our wooden planks:


Most of them still have developer art and we will have them complete for the full release By default they can have up to 64 in a stack like vanilla doors in 1.8 and you get three from each crafting action.

If you want stacks or one or only one item per crafting action you can change the setting in the config file. Like all other mod doors villagers and zombies will not interact with our doors, and our doors are not considered to be part of villages. This will probably not change till Minecraft 1.8 due to how things are coded in minecraft itself.


Crafted using four of one type of our planks, two on the left and two on the right, with two sticks in the middle.

Fence Gates

Crafted using four sticks, two on the left and two on the right, with two planks in the middle.

3.15.8 for Minecraft 1.6.4 May 29, 2014

Change Log


  • Redwood logs are once again craftable into planks.
  • Disabling strawberries by setting their block ID to zero no longer ruins everything.
  • Fixed crashing bug that sometimes occurred when flowers failed to generate.
  • Fixed vanilla biome disabling. It should now be possible to reliably turn off: desert, extreme hills, forest, jungle, swampland, taiga, and plains.


  • Strawberry plants now break like any other semi-sturdy block.
  • Right (or left) clicking once will harvest them if they are ripe.
  • Attempting to harvest before they are ready will do nothing.
  • Strawberry plants now identify correctly to Waila.
  • Explicit Forge BiomeDictionary support. We've always had whatever automatic support there is, but now it's official.
  • Removed ATG and New Dawn libraries from the jar file. This means that things shouldn't explode if you are running a newer but otherwise compatible version of either of these world type mods. It also means that the mod is just ever so smaller to download now ;)
  • ALL flowers are now registered with Forestry, not just the original four.
  • Updated Russian localization.

3.15.7 for Minecraft 1.6.4 March 10, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Sakura Log side texture is the correct size once more so that it no longer shows up as a missing texture.
  • Fixed and NPE while generating Large Fir Trees.


  • Updated some of the internal block references to make them compatible with the new 1.7 versions.

3.15.6 for Minecraft 1.6.4 March 1, 2014

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash with tukMC and any other mod that creates fake items for render resulting in invalid metadata in the item form for Mini, Quarter and Elbow logs.
  • Fix server crash from missed placed SideOnly in BlockCustomFlower.


  • Tool tips for flowers are now localized, and will automatically wrap text so that it does not need to manually be formatted as such in the localization.
  • Flower names localization has changed for easier translation in the future. No more extrabiomes.flower.0, as the localization string now says the flower name. This breaks most existing translation, but will be better in the long run.
  • Some blocks had their internal "keys" changed in preparation for updating to 1.7, this will result in MC saying that some blocks have changed but it is not an issue as it will not break anything in 1.6.

3.15.5 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 25, 2014

Bug fixes:

  • Commented out debug code from flower generation that was causing lag due to log spam.

3.15.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 23, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Old block/item ids are kept when upgrading from versions prior to 3.15.
  • Blocks/items can once more be disabled by setting them to 0 in the config. Some blocks that are used in recipes such as redrock can not be disabled without all the things that are made from them being disabled as well.
  • The redrock in the Forestry carpenter recipe has be fixed so that it does not use a random fluid instead of water.

3.15.3 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 16, 2014

Bug fixes:

  • Eelgrass no longer causes crashes on servers if a mod asks for the unlocalized name on the server.
  • Our custom dyes no longer cause a crash if another mod asks for the unlocalized name on the server.


  • Eelgrass can now grow on grass block under water so as to curtail it breaking if a dirt block changes due to grass spread.

3.15.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 14, 2014

  • Added delphinium belladonna and blue poppies.
  • Added new dyes for white, black, brown, and blue.
  • Updated some flowers to now produce these dyes.
  • Added eelgrass subaquatic plant.
  • Added gloriosa vines.
  • Added configuration settings to control the density of new flowers in each biome.
  • Added strawberries, chocolate, and chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Improved ability of flowers to spawn in snowy biomes.
  • Removed toadstools from snowy biomes.
  • Fixed some plants that were unintentionally changing colors to match their biome.
  • Fixed the "already decorating" errors sometimes encountered when generating large trees.

3.15.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 2, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated New Dawn API
  • Fixed crash on Server due to code running that should only run on the client.
  • Fixed version number in and previous blog post.

3.15 for Minecraft 1.6.4 February 1, 2014

  • Configuration file has been moved out of it's own directory, there is no real reason to have a directory with just one file in it. Also the config file also keeps a version number in it now, so that in the future if we change the defaults for any settings, or add a new setting for some thing that previously did not have a setting, we can set the setting so that if you upgrade it will default to the old behavior and not break any world, and if you want the new behavior you can turn it on.
  • One example of such a change in action is that we changed up the redwood tree generation. We have finally started working on integrating Forgotten Nature (FN), and the first thing on the list was trying out the Sequoia tree generator. We need to do a little more work on it still as how FN generated it's trees was a little different than how we generate our so, we have left in the option to allow people to chose the old Redwood generation or the new style. Both styles should be receiving an overhaul in the coming weeks, and will become separate trees, as what most people think of when they complain of the old redwoods not looking correct, is actually the Giant Sequoia, which is a similar but vastly differently structured tree from the North American Redwood. (They are both very closely related according to my field guide for identifying North American Trees.)
  • Resorted default block id's, if you update block id's should not change for existing items, although if you have a number of mods a few of the new items might have conflicting id's so you may need to resolve them, as we still haven't gotten any sort of id resolver running at the present. This was done to clean up our creative menu, so unless you are working with us in creative extensively you really should not need to care about this resorting. (Although it might affect things like Inventory Tweaks come to think of it.)
  • We let Minecraft automatically load our localization files now instead of having our own loader. We discovered a small issue with this with not being able to localize one of the other new features that we added, but it is not all that major.
  • The new quarter logs now place in what I feel is a logical pattern, and as such you can now easily build things like large bridges supported by multiple quarter logs side by side without needing to use the log turner for every single log that you place.
  • Sakura Blossom Tree has been renamed to just Sakura Tree.

New Features:

  • Silk Touch on an axe finally has a use now! As part of an effort to make the quarter logs a little more inter mod friendly, when you chop down quarter log or an elbow log you will get the normal log equivalent, unless you use a Silk Touch.
  • Elbow and quarter logs can now be crafted/uncrafted, if a log has a quarter log equivalent just place four logs in a 2x2 square and you will get four quarter logs, and three logs can be placed in a sort of an upper case L to get three elbow logs.
  • Support for New Dawn, another mod that allows for generation of a different style of terrain.
  • Thaumcraft 4 support for almost all our items, some of our new flowers were last minute changes and got passed over when it came to giving them Thaumcraft 4 aspects. They will have their proper aspects come next update.
  • We changed up flowers a bit, the Root and Autumn Shrub have been removed. They still exist but will no longer generate or show up in creative. We also added 28 new flowers. Spawning for the flowers has been reworked and we are still doing some tweaking on that.
  • Helpful tooltips are now available in English for some things. Things like what patterns saplings will grow into trees from, to help you know why that single redwood sapling that you planted won't grow into a mighty tree. This should help out with future trees as we start to incorporate some of the Forgotten Nature and More Than Just Trees stuff. Other things like the flowers have some flavor text about to them, though we are by no means done with the flowers. Oh and if you ever wondered if the scarecrow had a use, well you can now see it in it's tooltip. As it stands we need to do more research to enable localization of the tooltips, as it appears that it may not be possible in 1.6 without some of our own localization code.

3.14.5 for Minecraft 1.6.4

  • Fixed crashes when biomes are disabled
  • Addressed potential issues with using toUpperCase/toLowerCase when locale is Turkish

3.14.3 for Minecraft 1.6.4

  • Added support for ATG API
  • Removed TE3 API calls that are no longer applicable
  • Added unique internal names to items/blocks to support updating EBXL worlds to 1.7
  • Fixed crafting issues with custom slabs/stairs
  • Added checks to prevent issues with disabled biomes

3.14.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4

  • Updated for 1.6.4
  • Added OreDictionary support for the Log Turner
  • Maple textures are fixed
  • Localization updates

3.14.1 for Minecraft 1.6.2

  • Forestry and Buildcraft support fixed
  • TreeCapitator support fixed
  • Sapling drop rate balanced
  • EBXL flowers now spawn in more biomes
  • New quarter logs drop the proper item and any improper ones can now be crafted into planks
  • Fixed some settings in the config file that were not being loaded properly
  • Decorator settings are now usable
  • The bald cypress tree can now spawn in the shallow water of the Green Swamp
  • Language file updates
  • Misc bug fixes/code cleanup
  • Added a new tree called the Sakura Blossom Tree, which is using a new smaller log type. It can be found in the Birch Forest, Green Hills, Forested Hills, Forested Island and Woodland biomes.

3.14.0 for Minecraft 1.6.2

  • 5 New Trees and Shrubs
    1. Bald Cypress Tree
    2. Cypress Tree
    3. Japanese Maple Tree
    4. Japanese Maple Shrub
    5. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
  • 5 New Logs and their Planks, Slabs, Stairs
    1. Bald Cypress Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
    2. Cypress Logs
    3. Japanese Maple Logs
    4. Rainbow Eucalyptus Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
    5. Autumn Logs
  • Updated and Textures
    • Fir Logs, Fir Quarter Logs, Acacia Logs, and Redwood Quarter Logsgs.
    • Autumn woods leaves and saplings now have fresh colors, and more lively textures.
    • Flowers have gotten a much needed texture and naming overhaul.
      • Hydrangea - New texture
      • Buttercups - New texture
      • Purple flowers are now called Lavender and have a new texture.
      • Calla Lilies are not only spelled correctly but actually resemble the real thin
  • Self Replanting Saplings
    • All ExtrabiomesXL saplings have a chance or replanting themselves if left on the ground for to long.
    • The replant rates are relative to how many saplings a tree will drop on average so larger trees with more saplings should not overpopulate the forest floor with saplings if you do not pick them up.
    • The sapling replant rate is configurable via the config file, on a per tree basis. Sapluing replant chance can be disabled by setting to 0% chance.
  • Console Commands for Debugging and Map Making (Blog for more Details)
  • The scarecrow now scares mobs away in the same fashion as an Iron Golem.
  • Bug Fixes (There were quite a few that are not listed)
    • Trees did not tell leaves that they were capable of supporting them, leading to massive leaf de-spawning after a block update near a tree.
    • Log turner no longer skips rotations on old log types.
    • Horses didn't spawn in any of ExtrabiomesXL's biomes. They now spawn in the Meadow, Mountain Ridge, Savanna, and Shrubland biomes.

3.13.4 for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • Further fixes to the Itemstack API for inter mod compatibility. (By JLBShecky)
  • NEI/NEI_plugins/Forestry compatibility patch to ensure that NEI plugins show ferment recipies both when you view all fermenter recipes and when you view ExtraBiomesXL sapling uses. (By JLBShecky)
  • Now compatible with Industrial Craft 2 1.115.301 and newer. (All ExtraBiomesXL biomes now give their biome bonuses to IC2 Crops again.) (By JLBShecky)

3.13.3 for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • NEI compatibility fixes (By JLBShecky)

3.13.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • Fixes for a change to the ItemStack API that has been affecting some recipes (by JLBShecky)
  • IMC (Inter Mod Communication)support for Treecapacitor (By bspkrs)


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2


  • Added config entry to reduce fir and redwood leaf sapling drop count (by @ExterminatorJeff and @MisterFiber)
  • Updated Forestry API (by @SirSengir)
  • Fixed incorrect autumn sapling textures (by @ExterminatorJeff)
  • Added Spanish localizations by JulioTranslations


  • Fixed being unable to craft recipes with certain wood types (by @ExterminatorJeff)
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation by @crafteverywhere


  • Fixed server crash
  • Corrected incorrect MC version in


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1


  • Fixed trees growing and eating blocks that are not supposed to be replaced by leaves.
  • Changed carpenter recipe to use red cobble + water = clay instead of redrock. (by @bolte-17)
  • Added decoration section to config file. (by @allaryin)


  • Merged marsh gen fix by @bolte-17


  • Added fix for the Buildcraft oil generation error by @Denney
  • Added forestry sapling fix by @SirSengir
  • Added Itailian translation update by @Frantisek-Markov


  • Updated code to use names from MCP for Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Added @MysteriousAges fix so that logs go into the correct Forestry backpack
  • Renamed White and Orange flowers per suggestions from @Morvelaira


  • Fixed the Forestry API problem


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6


  • Added Russian localization by panam4ik
  • Fixed bug that caused RedRock to get the wrong blockID


  • Added Italian localization by Frantisek_Markov (MisterFiber)
  • Added OreDictionary recipe for IC2 tree taps
  • Changed default blockIds to conform to new Forge partitioning of 4096 blockID space. New defaults are:
    • Terrain blocks begin at 255 and descend. Currently this consumes ids 255 and 254.
    • Other blocks begin at 2200 and ascend. Currently 2200 thru 2223 are in use.
  • Internal changes to ease adding new content
  • Fixed config bug from 3.5.2 that cause vanilla biomes to be disabled. (thanks, @Unfocused!)
  • Added support for Minecraft Forge's new config file directives. (Forge and later required.)
  • Fixed saplings so they replace soil with sand when growing trees while rooted in forestry humus.
  • Fixed strange oak/spruce hybrids appearing in the autumn woods biome.
  • Added cactus paste item ( Note texture pack authors: new texture at index 111)
    • Cactus or 4x tiny cactus can be crafted to cactus paste
    • Cactus paste can be smelted to Cactus Green dye
  • Fixed texture of red cobble walls.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese by Cassiobsk8


  • Fixed crashbug caused by hard disabling mountainridge or wasteland biomes.


  • Fixed buggy plugins for IC2 and Buildcraft
  • Relected change of venue for Liquid API (mistaqur)


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.4 (and 1.4.3)
  • Fixed issue (#176) of transparent RedRock blocks.
  • For RichardG, added saplings and leaves to the Forge Ore Dictionary. Issue #177.
  • Fixed bug to allow torches to be placed on red cobblestone wall. Issue #173.
  • Fixed logging to console to be responsive to log level.
  • Added code to support localization.
  • Red Rock can now be efficiently converted to clay in Forestry's carpenter. (Thanks again, mistaqur!)
  • Fixed bug causing custom green leaves to spontaneously decay. Reported by Steelfeathers and confirmed by DanZilla90. Thanks, y'all!
  • Added German localization prepared by Galaxy_2Alex. Thank you!
  • Added French localization prepared by Cat121. Thank you! (MisterFiber) (Mokradin and SmogShadowSeth also submitted French translations.)
  • Added Portuguese localization prepared by Vazkii. Thank you!
  • Fixed unstable rain disabling code. (MisterFiber)
  • Added Buildcraft facades for solid blocks.
  • Added IndustrialCraft 2 integration.
    • Plantball recipes from saplings and leaf blocks
    • Biome bonuses for crops
  • Added ThermalExpansion integration (Our logs work in the sawmill)
  • Added ExtrabiomesXL creative mod tab to contain the mod's blocks. (MisterFiber)
  • Merged code from mistaqur to allow saplings to be used in Forestry fermenter. Thanks mistaqur!
  • Added code to complete Forestry integration:
    • Saplings can be used in tree farms
    • Blocks are sorted into Forestry backpacks


  • Added rare legend oak spawns.
  • Changed API system to use Forge events.
  • Fixed disableRain in certain biomes. Hi, @Eloraam
  • Fixed blockID conflicts so they disable blocks instead of crashing the game. Check your forge logs!
  • Added slime spawns to green swamps.
  • Added silverfish block generation in biomes where emeralds spawn.
  • Added wood stairs to the Forge Ore dictionary.
  • Updated to the latest recommended Forge build. (build
  • Added red cobblestone walls.
  • Made some internal architectural tweaks.
  • Restored biomes to Fiber's original colors.
  • Adjusted biome colors per MisterFiber's original settings.
  • Added wooden slabs to Forge Ore Dictionary.
  • Added recipe for wooden buttons from planks.


  • Upgrade to Minecraft 1.4.2
  • Fixed sign recipe to produce 3 signs.
  • Fixed crash caused by hard disabling wasteland biome with Buildcraft installed.
  • Fixed incorrect texture being used for flowers.
  • Compatibility patch for TreeCapitator.
  • Fixed custom planks to bed recipe.
  • Fixed red cobble stair texture.
  • Fixed custom planks to sticks recipe.
  • Harvesting or picking a quarter log now consistently drops only one blockID.
  • Fixed Log Turner to work in SMP.
  • Log turner now has a sound.
  • Log turner API improved to use the Forge event bus.


  • The mod has now been partitioned internally so that modules of it can be disabled in the config file. The modules:
    • SUMMA - the core of the mod. Disabling this disables the mod. Contains all naturally occurring blocks and terrain generation features.
    • CAUTIA - Contains dangerous features. contains quicksand and quicksand spawns. Will contain the new cracked sand system in a future release.
    • FABRICA - Contains recipes for converting natural resources into other things. contains all first level manufactured blocks (such as planks, slabs and stairs)
    • AMICA - contains mod integration features, currently only Buildcraft oil spawns. Each mod integration feature will disable itself if the required mods are not installed, or they can all be disabled by disabling this module.
  • Cracked Sand growth has been temporarily disabled.
  • New blocks have been added:
    • Acacia, Fir and Redwood logs
    • Fir and Redwood quarter logs for 2x2 trees. Oak quarter logs, currently unused.
    • Acacia, Fir and Redwood planks, slabs and stairs.
    • Red Rock, Red Cobble and Red Rock Brick slabs
    • Red cobble and Red Rock Brick stairs
  • Recipes for all of the above
  • Biomes ids can now be changed in the config file.
  • Biomes can now be hard disabled, meaning removed from the game completely, by setting their ids to '0'. Hard disabling a biomes means that the biome is never created, so it is not used in terrain generation and is also not available to other mods for use.
  • All blocks and items can be disabled by setting their ids to 0. Sometimes disabling one block may cause related items to also be disabled. For example, disabling one quarter log disables all four quarter logs.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with ID Resolver. Use it as needed.
  • Fixed flower generation.
  • Replaced the correct trees in Snowy Rainforests
  • Custom tall grass is now flammable.
  • Added the Log Turner tool, which can turn all vanilla logs and Extrabiomes logs, recipe below.
  • Added interface to the API to allow other mods' blocks interact with the Log turner, however the author desires.

Log Turner recipe:

s = stick


  • Updated code to Minecraft 1.3.2
  • Converted from modLoader architecture to FML architecture
  • Made several architectural changes in anticipation of growth in certain areas of the mod
  • Simplified the API to remove all of the stuff that no one ever uses
  • Temporarily removed all mod integration except Buildcraft oil generation
  • Simplified code base and removed unused code
  • Merge separate SSP and SMP mods into one universal mod.


  • Fixed autumn saplings to be more forestry friendly by restricting them to only grow normal sized when on forestry humus soil.
  • Included mistaqur's bugfix for Forestry arboretums where every sapling was planted as a brown autumn sapling, instead of what it actually was.
  • Included mistaqur's addition of Forestry fermenter support (all saplings can now be run throught the fermenter)
  • Added support for Forestry's new leaf registry to improve hive generation. Thank you, Rorax, for the report and testing!
  • Fixed the redrock brick recipe to output four bricks.


  • Updated Forestry API to v 1.4.8 (Thank you, SirSengir!)
  • Added support for Pam's Mods -- specifically HarvestCraft.
  • Fixed smaelting crash bug.
  • Made redwoods generate taller than firs. Thank you for the suggestion, Aerasoria!
  • Corrected EMC exploits caused by value given to red rock. Thanks for the report, mistaqur!
  • Fixed a long overlooked problem of cattail items not using their item texture.
  • Gave cattails an EMc value.
  • New recipe: Nine leaf piles = one leaf block. Per several suggestions on the thread. Thanks, all!
  • New blocks: Red Cobblestone and Red Rock Brick. No new blockIDs used. Red Rock now drops Red Cobble, which can be smelted to Red Rock. Red Cobble replaces Red Rock to make clay when combined with water. Four Red Rocks combine to make Red Rock Brick. Thank you for the suggestions, Streetwalker!


  • Fixed derped autumn trees...


  • Repair broken trees in classic mode.
  • Added function to API to allow other mods to replace the tree generators used by this mod.
  • Removed unneccesary Forge version check code.
  • Fixed custom grass blocks to be replaceable (like vanilla grass)
  • Ported SMP to bukkit


  • Fixed broken autumn trees...Really! ;)


  • Fixed so cracked sand must have maximum light (full sunlight) to grow.
  • Fixed server/client version mismatch
  • Changed requirements so that classic mode server does not require Extrabiomes to be installed on the client. (Though the client still needs to have Forge.)
  • Fixed broken tree generation on client.


  • Fixed crash when near autumn leaves
  • Added receipes for toadstools. (Substitute 2 toadstools for a mushroom to make soup.)
  • Fixed server crash when using Forestry logger with Extrabiomes saplings


  • Fixed crash when flowers or grass are disabled
  • Added multiplayer support!
  • API: Removed leaf and wood registries because this code was moved to Forge itself
  • Fixed compatibility with latest Forge/FMl features (ModLoader not longer required)


  • Fixed crash when blocks were disabled and Forestry mod was installed


  • Added Redpower indigo spawns in appropriate biomes. When RedPower and this mod are installed together, a config file item appears in config/extrabiomes.cfg. Follow the instructions in the config file to activate.


  • Various performance enhancements
  • Rewrote API to be much simpler and more powerful
  • Nerfed cracked sand to only grow within the boundaries of a wasteland. Configurable through a config file option
  • Added a config file directive to enable/disable cracked sand's ability to grow in a wasteland
  • Added EMC values for custom blocks to support EquivalentExchange
  • Added saplings, flowers and biomes to Forestry using Forestry API v1.4.6.0
  • Added Buildcraft oil spawns as appropriate
  • Added RedPower rubber tree spawns
  • Removed blank achievement page
  • Fixed "Already Decorationg" exception for cattails
  • Removed any possiblity of "Already Decorating" errors when using the API to decorating custom biomes
  • Removed most possibility for any future "Already Decorating" errors


  • Reinstate prior Mystcraft functionality
  • Fixed bug where using bonemeal on cramped 2x2 saplings caused rapid duplication of saplings.
  • Added safety measures to prevent corrupt worlds due to hole in 4096 blockID patch when blocks are used in terrain gen. It is no longer possible to set blockIDs of Cracked Sand and Red Rock higher than 255.


  • Updated Redwood and Fir saplings so that huge trees can be grown by placing saplings in a 2x2 configuration.
  • Added config file directives to allow control over villages spawning in custom biomes


  • Scarecrows have returned
  • Fixed Green Hills to allow customization by texture pack authors
  • Fixed stone sounds on flowers
  • Fixed Cattail generation and placement


  • Added 2x2 trees in Temperate Rainforest
  • Fixed exception in biomes that disble rain
  • Fixed the infamous null biome
  • Fixed odd Toadstool behaviour


  • ExtraBiomesXL must now be installed through the mod folder
  • Created ExtraBiomesAPI for creation of add-ons and enabling other mods to take advantage of ExtraBiomesXL
  • No more jar edits. 99% better compatibility
  • Biomes may now be enabled/disabled
  • You can now configure biome ID's
  • Classic mode is now enabled though config. This will also remove all blocks from generating and using ID's
  • Cut block ID count down to 9 thanks to metadata
  • Blocks can be removed (and their ID's!) by setting their ID value to 0. All disabled blocks will generate using their classic equivalent
  • Removed custom tall grasses
  • Removed Fertilizer
  • Saplings now react to Bonemeal
  • Bonemeal has a chance to include some of our flowers when it is used anywhere on green grass
  • 7 trees growable from saplings (8 if you include 2 x2 firs separately)
  • All trees have proper saplings
  • Custom leaves have new textures by Delocuro
  • Leaves now have fancy/fast graphics modes
  • Leaves finally drop their corresponding saplings
  • Config is now located in .minecraft/config/extrabiomes/extrabiomes.cfg
  • New texture layout
  • Temporarily removed Scarecrows


  • Fixed "Already decorating!" error.
  • Ice Wastelands are now filled with snow blocks as opposed to ice in earlier versions. Updated screenshot coming eventually.


  • Updated to Forge .90,
  • Changed Autumn Sapling texture to be match the new sapling texture as of 1.2,
  • Updated donor list,
  • .txt files should now be formatted properly for Windows machines.


  • Fixed "Already decorating!" error,
  • Gave Desert Mountain's their own BiomeGen file to enable Tiny Cactus generation along with a couple other tweaks.


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2.5,
  • Added Scarecrow! (doesn't scare yet. lol) You craft it like this:
A = Pumpkin, B = Sticks, C = Melon, x = 
  • Dyes can now be crafted from flowers,
  • Fixed grass render system,
  • Removed dependency on ModLoaderMP,
  • Tweaked custom grasses hitbox,
  • Fixed Brown Grass missing hitbox,
  • Tweaked some textures (I think...).

Classic 1.15

  • Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5,
  • Jumped to 1.15 to match the new version number of the main version, and skipped V1.14 because the chinese pronunciation of the number four sounds very similar to death. I'd say that's a good reason.


  • Added Redwood saplings,
  • Added a thicker variety of Fir trees,
  • Made all Redwood trees thicker (dropped the one with roots and the other one),
  • Added temporary fix for Acacia trees,
  • Tweaked texture for Short Grass,
  • Fixed B&W biome colors on blocks not rendering upon placement,
  • Fixed "Already decorating!" error,
  • Optimized Temperate Rainforests,
  • Moved config file directory to the root minecraft folder.
  • Crafting Fertilizer will return 6 Fertilizer now, and crafting all saplings will return 3 of 'em.


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.2.4,
  • Added bounds to all grasses except cover grass,
  • Fixed Root crash bug.

Classic 1.12

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2.4.

Classic 1.11

  • Added all new biomes and trees.


  • Updated for Forge .59.


  • Shifted to Forge,

  • Removed redundant items for every block,

  • Reduced download size,

  • Fixed config file,

  • Added blocks to creative inventory,

  • Fixed sprite ID consumption,

    This update is recommended for all users of ExtraBiomesXL.


  • Initial release.
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