Freenor & Bodhi's pearl cost system, rebased on to Exultant's version #16

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The prisonpearl cost system has obviously been based on Exultant's version, but the git history shows it being off matthewbot's . This corrects the version history to produce what appears to just be their changes in the changeset.


Note: when compiling I still have one error against the CombatTag API, might have the wrong JAR:

CombatTagManager Line #39:
The method getNPCPlayerName(Entity) is undefined for the type CombatTagApi


Command used to merge on to Exultant/master was:

git merge --squash -s recursive -X ignore-all-space -X theirs bodhi/patch-2

Still some whitespace issues it didn't ignore, but can't see substantial changes other than their new code.

Tim Goddard 1.4.7 5320694
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