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Eyepea - Open Source VoIP

Python 400 11


Write efficient network daemons (HTTP, SSH...) with ease.

Updated Jun 28, 2016

Python 2 368


forked from fail2ban/fail2ban

Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors

Updated Jun 16, 2016

Python 11 1


A Starter Kit to create an API-Hour daemon with cookiecutter

Updated May 18, 2016

JavaScript 0 25


forked from collecttix/ctxSip

ctxSip is a Javascript based SIP client that uses WebRTC and WebSockets to connect to your SIP server. The UI is designed to be launched as a popup from within your application. Works well with Kazoo from 2600hz

Updated Apr 6, 2016


forked from TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks

Source code for the framework benchmarking project

Updated Feb 14, 2016

Python 0 19

forked from C4ptainCrunch/

Pythonic and easy iCalendar library (rfc5545)

Updated Jan 20, 2016

Python 0 8


forked from cole/aiosmtplib

asyncio smtplib implementation

Updated Dec 7, 2015

Python 0 318


forked from KeepSafe/aiohttp

http client/server for asyncio (PEP-3156)

Updated Nov 9, 2015

Python 0 2


forked from Julian/Seep

A transformation and data extraction language on top of JSON Schema

Updated Sep 28, 2015

Python 0 0


systemd bindings written in pure Python, to be easy to install in a pyvenv or virtualenv

Updated Sep 7, 2015

Python 5 4


SIP support for AsyncIO

Updated Aug 10, 2015

Python 0 14


forked from pytest-dev/pytest-asyncio

Pytest support for asyncio.

Updated Jul 26, 2015

Python 0 36


forked from jonathanslenders/asyncio-redis

Redis client for Python asyncio (PEP 3156)

Updated Jul 9, 2015


forked from CreativeDream/jquery.modal

A simple jquery Modal boxes, alert, prompt, confirm, themes, buttons, animations, responsive and many other options included.

Updated Jun 11, 2015

Python 0 23


forked from Parisson/TimeSide

open web audio processing framework

Updated Jun 3, 2015

Python 0 13


forked from aio-libs/aiohttp_jinja2

jinja2 template renderer for aiohttp.web

Updated May 31, 2015

Python 0 577


forked from python/cpython

Semi-official read-only mirror of the CPython Mercurial repository

Updated May 24, 2015


forked from tic-ull/func_redis

Updated May 8, 2015


forked from ansible/ansible

Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems.

Updated May 7, 2015

Python 0 50


forked from ionelmc/cookiecutter-pylibrary

Enhanced cookiecutter template for Python libraries.

Updated May 5, 2015

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