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Activate multiple Steam keys in bulk with no hassle. If you've ever used HumbleBundle or BundleStars then you know real pain of having to register the keys one by one manually. With this you can automate it! Wow, 2017!





  • How many keys can you activate at once?

  • The Steam limit is around 40ish keys per hour(?). I haven't really had enough keys at once to confirm this. Feel free to let me know if you've tested more. 10 incorrect keys will trigger an early cooldown.

  • How can I trust this program?

  • The program and all dependencies are Open Source. This means that the source code (the blueprints) of the program are open to the public to read and modify. This means that you can read through it and compile your own version to ensure that there is no malicious code present.

  • Can you get VAC banned?

  • No.