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Welcome to the U.S. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database Content Repository. This repository contains supplemental resources for the USLCI online database, a group of the Federal LCA Commons. The most important resources are shown in Table 1. A complete list of USLCI resources is given in the List of Resources section below.

Table 1. Key USLCI Supplementary Resources|
USLCI Data Submission Handbook USLCI Database Downloads
Guidelines and resources for submitting data to and publishing in the USLCI Complete USLCI database downloads in the most common data formats
Metadata Guidance USLCI Update Press Release
Guidelines for completing metadata fields in openLCA unit &/or system processes Release details & latest news on USLCI as a part of the Federal LCA Commons

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For video guidance on accessing, navigating, versioning, using, and submitting data to the USLCI Database (and more), please see the USLCI Quick Help Video Series on NREL's Learning YouTube channel.

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List of Resources

USLCI Release Information

Supplementary Resources