The grid dataset, provided by DFG research unit FOR2083
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Public Transport Networks

Public Transport Networks is a networks repository for public transport research. It provides networks as test instances for the following types of problems:

  • Public transport network design problem (NDP)
  • Public transport vehicle and crew scheduling
  • Public transport networks with disturbances
  • Public transport assignment
  • Handling of ridesharing trips

How the Data is Organized

Each individual network and related files is stored in a separate folder. Each folder contains the following subfolders:

  • Input: provides data describing the transport supply (nodes, stops, links, running times) and data describing the travel demand (traffic zones, trips between traffic zones)
  • Solution_NDP_Summary: Overview of all solutions for the Network Design Problem
  • Solution_NDP_Name: Description of a particular solution for the Network Design Problem


The current data sets are a result of the research project "FOR 2083: Integrated Planning For Public Transportation" funded by the German Research Association DFG. Data sets are for academic research purposes only. Users are are fully responsible for any results or conclusions obtained by using these data sets. Users must indicate the source of any dataset they are using in any publication that relies on any of the datasets provided in this web site. The Research Group FOR 2083 is not responsible for the content of the data sets. Agencies, organizations, institutions and individuals acknowledged in this web site for their contribution to the datasets are not responsible for the content or the correctness of the datasets.

Summary of Networks

Network Zones Links Nodes
Grid 25 80 25
Ring 161 640 161
SiouxFalls 24 76 24
Stuttgart NN NN NN


The data is provided in the following formats

  • text-format LimTim
  • text-format VISUM
  • spreadsheet-format (.xls)
  • binary-format VISUM

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