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Team 1123's code for FRC 2017.
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FRC 2017 - Team 1123

This is AIM Robotics' (Team 1123) code for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The robot code is written in Python using RobotPy. The dashboard is written with Electron and is based on the FRC Dashboard project.


  • Python 3.x
  • OpenCV 3.x
  • Node.js and npm
  • nodejs-legacy (only for Debian/Ubuntu)

Local Installation

After satisfying the requirements above, run the Bash script in the useful_scripts/ directory (make sure your computer has internet access). It will install the dashboard and everything needed to deploy the robot code.

Robot Installation

From a computer with pyfrc installed (e.g. one that you have run on), run the script in the useful_scripts/ directory. Make sure the computer has internet access and that it is connected to the robot through ethernet or USB.


To start the dashboard, run in the useful_scripts/ directory. To deploy the robot code, run python deploy in the robot/ directory. If you encounter camera errors, run in the useful_scripts/ directory. You may have to restart the robot code afterwards.

Questions? Email me at

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