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FRC Team 6758

Rookie Year: 2017

Pinned repositories

  1. Robot code for the 2018 season.

    Java 1 1

  • A robot that mentally hurts me.

    Java Updated Apr 22, 2019
  • Test bot with Talons. Working with Test Subsystems.

    Java Updated Jan 24, 2019
  • TalonSRX's with Macanum's and 2019 software and 2018 robots

    Updated Jan 12, 2019
  • A simple sample robot with encoders. The link goes to the Encoder documentation. -->

    Java Updated Oct 13, 2018
  • This is robot code that will be able to record teleop movements from a joystick and repeat them as an autonomous command. Please note** This is not machine learning. We aren't that good :(

    Java Updated Sep 20, 2018
  • OtterBot is a Python Discord bot written for the team Discord server.

    Python Updated Jun 12, 2018
  • Robot code for the 2018 season.

    Java 1 1 Updated Apr 19, 2018

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