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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
Queuer adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2.x Releases

1.x Releases

2.1.0 - Swift 5.0 Support

12 Apr 2019


  • Added support to Xcode 10.2 and Swift 5.0

2.0.1 - Better APIs

26 Dec 2018


  • Renamed open func finish(_ hasFailed: Bool) to open func finish(success: Bool = true), the old one has been deprecated but still valid #12
  • Renamed hasFailed variable to success, the old one has been deprecated but still valid #12


  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.29.2

Thanks to @zykloman for this release

2.0.0 - Let Me Retry

1 Nov 2018


  • Added support to Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2
  • Added retry feature to ConcurrentOperation class #10, more info on how to use it here and here
  • Added addCompletionHandler(_:) function to Queuer class
  • Added a Scheduler class to better schedule your tasks, more info on how to use it here
  • Added queue state restoration (beta) feature, more info on how to use it here


  • Changed executionBlock of ConcurrentOperation to pass the concurrentOperation variable inside the closure to be able to use the retry feature. If you don't need it simply put _ in after the block creation:
    let concurrentOperation = ConcurrentOperation { _ in
        /// Your task here
    This also affects SynchronousOperation
  • Changed from Codecov to Coveralls service for code coverage


  • Improved Semaphore with timeout handling
  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.27.0


  • Removed watchOS 2.0 support in favor of watchOS 3.0, thanks to an App Store submission bug #11
  • Removed Hound CI

Thanks to @SureshSc, @zykloman and @debjitk for this release

1.3.2 - Linux Quality

7 Jul 2018


  • Added QualityOfService on Linux
  • Deprecated RequestOperation, it will be removed in Queuer 2


  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.26.0
  • Improved code with new SwiftLint rules

1.3.1 - Swift 4.1 Support

2 Apr 2018


  • Added support to Xcode 9.3 and Swift 4.1


  • OperationQueue in Queuer class is now open

Thanks to @BabyAzerty for this release

1.3.0 - Open Everything

18 Feb 2018


  • Added swift_version property in podspec file for CocoaPods 1.4.0
  • Added Hound CI


  • body, headers and query parameters in RequestOperation class may now be nil
  • RequestOperation class and all of its functions are now open
  • session object in RequestOperation class in now open and has waitsForConnectivity sets to true for iOS 11 or later by default
  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.25.0


  • Now Swift Package Manager correctly builds Queuer with Swift 4
  • Removed self captures

1.2.1 - Unwanted Alert

22 Oct 2017


  • Removed alert on Xcode 9 that shows the ability to convert the code to Swift 4 even it's already written in Swift 4

1.2.0 - Swift 4 Support

23 Sep 2017


  • Added support to Swift 4 and Xcode 9


  • Using new Xcode 9 build system
  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.22.0

1.1.0 - Quality Of Service

1 Sep 2017


  • Added qualityOfService property on Queuer class
  • Added ddChainedOperations(_ operations: Operation..., completionHandler: convenience function on Queuer class


  • Improved the init function on Queuer class with maxConcurrentOperationCount and qualityOfService properties, both with a default value, so no changes are required
  • Updated SwiftLint to 0.21.0


  • Now ConcurrentOperation is subclassable with open instead of public Access Control #2
  • Fixed tests that sometimes fails

1.0.0 - First Queue

26 Jul 2017


  • Added ConcurrentOperation to create asynchronous operations
  • Added Queuer to handle a shared queue or create a custom one
  • Added RequestOperation to create network request operations
  • Added Semaphore to create a Dispath semaphore
  • Added SynchronousOperation to create synchronous operations
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