Wonder how much an app is tracking you? Now you can see it from within the Google Play web interface thanks to ExodusPrivacy.
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Exodify Mentioned in Awesome Humane Tech Humane Tech

Exodify is a browser extension that will show you how many trackers there are in android applications you are looking at in the playstore.

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What it does

This extension includes:

  • A content script, "exodify.js" for the play store, that will fetch from exodus REST API the number of trackers in the application and then modify the page to show it.
  • A content script, "exodify-sub.js" for Exodus Privacy submit page, that auto fills the search bar with the application ID.
  • A browser action, with a popup ("popup/") that shows the trackers name
  • A background script that is used to update the toolbar icon number badge

What it shows

  • Displays the number of trackers of an app when you visit the detail page of this app, and will display the number of trackers on alternative apps.
  • When visiting the 'my apps' page or doing a search, the plugin will decorate all applications on screen with trackers info
  • Add direct link to the full report on Exodus Privacy.
  • Use toolbar button to get more info about trackers and some statistics, with individual link for each tracker.

How to install from sources

Automated build

Requirement: NodeJS and Grunt

Create a config.json file in the base folder (along side gruntfile.js) and add your api token like this:


Then Run:

> npm install

> npm run package

You will find the packed and unpacked extentions in the dest/ folder.

Manual Install

Download the sources/ folder.

Edit the sources/ep-api.js and replace the @@API_TOKEN with your exodify api token (contact them to get one)

In Firefox type about:addons in the URL and click on the wheel icon and 'Install Add-On From File...' and select the manifest.json file in the source folder.

In chrome, type chrome://extensions/ and then 'Load Unpacked' and point to the 'source' folder.