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Official Golang implementation of the Factom Protocol.


Factom is an open-source blockchain project designed to store structured data immutably at a fixed cost. Data integrity verification is one of the many uses cases the protocol excels at. The Factom Protocol represents opportunities for businesses, governments, and other entities to record and preserve their data in an immutable and cost-efficient way. Visit the Factom Protocol website for more information


Connect with the community through one or more of the following:

Website Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

Getting Started

Running a node with docker

Factomd releases include docker images that can be pulled from the official repository: The alpine version is strongly recommended.

For instance to run the latest master build for mainnet:

docker run -d --name "factomd" -p "8088:8088" -p "8090:8090" -p "8108:8108" factominc/factomd:master-alpine

Build/install factomd

You will need the following software installed on your machine:

  • git
  • A recent version of Go (supporting Go modules)
  • make
git clone
cd factomd
# or `make install` to install factomd into GOBIN folder

Also make all cross compiles factomd for various platforms.

Running factomd

Factomd can be run with default configuration with this simple command:

$ factomd

The default factomd folder is located at ~/.factom/. The node database is stored by default at ~/.factom/m2/<network type>-database.


Factomd will run with a set of default configuration. Those can be altered in two ways:

  • By passing flags when running factomd. Run factomd --help to get the list of supported parameters.
  • By editing a config file. See factomd.conf for an example of such file. Note that this config file is also used to configure factom-walletd.
mkdir -p ~/.factom/m2/
cp factomd.conf ~/.factom/m2/

Default ports

Service Port
Web UI 8090
P2P 8108 (MAIN net), 8109 (TEST net), 8110 (LOCAL net)

Running factomd for local development

To get a local development node running:

$ factomd --network=LOCAL --blktime=60

Note that the blocktime here is set to 60s (instead of the regulat 600s) for the convenience of development. Head to http://localhost:8090 to see the Web UI of your local node.

On a LOCAL network, the address FA2jK2HcLnRdS94dEcU27rF3meoJfpUcZPSinpb7AwQvPRY6RL1Q comes pre-loaded with Factoids that can be used for your testing as the associated private key is known: Fs3E9gV6DXsYzf7Fqx1fVBQPQXV695eP3k5XbmHEZVRLkMdD9qCK.