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Opinionated scripts for managing application deployment lifecycle in Kubernetes


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rok8s-scripts is a framework for building GitOps workflows with Docker and Kubernetes. By adding rok8s-scripts to your CI/CD pipeline, you can build, push, and deploy your applications using the set of best practices we've built at Fairwinds.

In addition to building Docker images and deploying them to Kubernetes, rok8s-scripts is a great way to handle secure secrets management, environment specific configuration, Docker build caching, and much more.


Check out the full documentation at


To help you get started quickly, we've built a minimal example that shows how to use rok8s-scripts to build Docker images and deploy to Kubernetes using Circle CI. This example will serve as a helpful introduction regardless of your CI platform.


rok8s-scripts is designed to work well with a wide variety of use cases and environments. There are many valid ways to configure CI pipelines, but to help you get started, we've included a variety of examples in this repository.

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Miscellaneous examples

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