Basic script and configuration files relating to the deployment of Winbind in a SmartOS environment.
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Basic SmartOS Winbind Setup Script and Configuration Files

This repository is a summary of steps taken and configurations used in this blog series:

  1. Winbind in SmartOS, Part I (the Basics)
  2. Winbind in SmartOS, Part II (Running in Base-64)
  3. Winbind in SmartOS, Part III (Polishing)

The script is a summary of all command-line steps taken in the series and can be used for testing purposes in your environment. No error checking is implemented and an environment of base-64 version 15.2.0+ is assumed, for the sake of readability, so this script is not recommended for production use. Adaptation of this script to your choice of configuration management solution is recommended.

These details from the series are not covered in