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This repository contains code samples from the book "Angular Development with TypeScript", Second Edition (see The code-samples directory has three versions of code samples: one for Angular 5, one for Angular 6, and another for Angular 7. The process of migrating of these code samples from Angular 5 to 6 is described at

Each chapter comes with serveral sample apps included in the same project, e.g. chapter3/router-samples. To run a particular app, you need to know its name.

In Angular 5, you can open the file .angular-cli.json and see the names of the apps configured in the apps property there. For example, the first app is configured as "name": "basic". To run this app (after you did npm install), run the following command: ng serve --app basic. In Angular 6, the file .angular-cli.json is replaced with angular.json, and there's no need to specify the --app option; for example, you can start the app named basic like this ng serve basic.

You can read more about configuring multiple apps in the same Angular 5 project here:

In chapters 2, 3, and 5 we build the ngAuction app that uses Bootstrap 4, and starting from chapter 7 we re-write ngAuction to using Angular Material and Flex Layout libraries (no more Bootstrap). To run ngAction that comes with chapters 13,14, and 15, you need to start the server and the client in separate command windows. ngAuction from chapter 15 uses ngrx for app state management.

In the video Angular Applied (see, Yakov Fain shows how to build one of the sample apps from the book from scratch.

For Angular training inquiries send an email to training @

UPDATE (September 2019). While upgrading the ng-auction to Angular 8, the components that used the flex-layout library wouldn't compile. In the older versions of flex-layout we used ObservableMedia, which is deprecated. We replaced it with the MediaObserver in chapter13/ngauction


Code samples for the second edition of the Angular book




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