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Farset Labs Main Website

A Jekyll and Bootstrap based informational website for Farset Labs, a hackerspace and charity located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Uses Jekyll which requires Ruby 1.9.3. To setup your ruby environment it is suggested that you use RVM.

  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • bundler $ gem install bundler
  • jekyll $ gem install jekyll

A Gemfile is included so you can run $ bundle install after you install bundler with $ gem install bundler.

Building With Docker

Docker provides reproducible environments to aid development. To work with this site using Docker first ensure that Docker is installed on your machine, and then run

docker build -t farsetlabs-site .
docker run -p 4000:4000 -v `pwd`:/app farsetlabs-site

This will start a container, build the site and then serve it on port 4000. Editing files on your machine will cause the container to rebuild the site and make the changes available in the browser (wait for the confirmation message of the build)

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Making your changes

All contributions to the website and content should be done through a branch. You should follow the Feature Branch Workflow when contributing.

We have one main branch, master, which represents the live website. Ongoing improvements to the site that are not live yet live in feature branches, either on this repository or its forks.

Please branch from the latest master for your changes.

If you do not have access to our repository, please fork us on Github and submit your branch through a pull request.

If you are not a developer, you should raise corrections and content improvements as issues.

Editing Sidebar Links

Sidebar links are included from _includes/ This is a markdown list which is parsed when the jekyll site is built. To update sidebar links just edit this file.

Running / testing locally

You can run the site locally using jekyll serve -w (See Requirements)

Submitting your changes

Once you have pushed your changes (either to our repo or your fork as a contributor) you should open a pull request. Our web team will review it. Please leave at least a brief description of what the changes are, and detail any changes made to layout or the functionality of the website.


Farset Labs' static website which utilises Jekyll. To add content please open a pull request and we will review it.



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