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Distributed Systems bot


This bot has the following aims:

  1. Tweet links from feeds of interesting websites. [Done]
  2. Retweet and like "interesting" tweets
  3. Schedule posts based on a publication timetable (with exceptions - like "publish now"), made from a Telegram bot interface.
  4. Save every tweet in the database, to do some analysis - based on interactions.
  5. A web based interface to let users review the sources of news.
  6. Use a shortlink system while publishing tweets, to track clicks and understand which feeds are more interesting for the users.

1. Feed RSS

At the moment, the bot is mainly using the free service from (thanks!).

I'm working on an alternative which will better suits the needs of the bot.

3. Telegram bot + post at

Why telegram? Because I like the option to schedule a post by just sending a message on Telegram.