Python script to fix some of the problems of the Minecraft save files (region files, *.mca).
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Minecraft Region Fixer

By Alejandro Aguilera (Fenixin) Sponsored by NITRADO servers (

Locates problems and tries to fix Minecraft worlds (or region files).

Tries to fix corrupted chunks in region files using old backup copies of the Minecraft world. If you don't have a copy, you can eliminate the corrupted chunks making Minecraft regenerate them.

It also scans the 'level.dat' file and the player '*.dat' and tries to read them. If there are any problems it prints warnings. At the moment it doesn't fix any problem in these files.

Web page:

Mincraft forums posts:

Supported platforms

This program seems to work with Python 2.7.x, and DOESN'T work with python 3.x. There is also a windows executable for ease of use, if you use the windows executable you don't need to install Python.

Windows .exe downloads

The window executable is generated using py2exe and is the choice if you don't want to install python in your system.

These downloads were usually in the downloads section of github, but github has deprecated this feature. So, from Region Fixer v0.1.0 downloads are stored in mediafire: or (if you want to contribute a little)


Older versions of Minecraft had big problems when loading corrupted chunks. But in the latest versions of Minecraft (tested in 1.4.7) the server itself removes corrupted chunks (when loading them) and regenerate those chunks.

Region-Fixer still is useful for replacing those chunks with a backup, removing entities, or trying to see what's going wrong with your world.


You can read the program help running: "python --help"

For usage examples and more info visit the wiki:

Bugs, suggestions, feedback, questions

Suggestions and bugs should go to the github page:

Feedback and questions should go preferably to the forums posts:

(server administration)

(mapping and modding)




This program has been tested with a lot of worlds, but there may be bugs, so please, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR WORLD BEFORE RUNNING it, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE OF WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR WORLD. Other way to say it is USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Think that you are playing with you precious saved games :P .

Good luck! :)