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A style manager for your browser. Built on the WebExtensions APIs.

You can get this extension from Mozilla Add-ons and Chrome Webstore.

But if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, you should install our self-distributed version.

For more documentation, please visit the wiki.


Firefox Logo Mozilla Firefox 49+

Chrome Logo Google Chrome

Install self-distributed version in Chrome

You should download an Administrative Policy Template and install it.

Then, allow Chrome to install local plugins and whitelist the ID for this extension (dbbjndgnfkbjmciadekfomemdiledmam).

For more information, see kafan and tieba.


You can contribute code by submiting a pull request.

You can also help us translate this extension on Transifex.

How to build

"xstyle": {
	"basic": {
		"dir": "X:/Code/xStyle",
		"output": "{EXT_DIR}/build/output",
		"ignores": [".git", ".vscode", "build", "manifest", ".gitignore", "", "LICENSE", "manifest.json", "manifest_t.json"],
		"custom": "{EXT_DIR}/build/custom.js",
		"version": {
			"firefox": 0,
			"amo": 0,
			"chrome": 0,
			"webstore": 1
	"locales": {
		"dir": "{EXT_DIR}/_locales",
		"type": "transifex",
		"placeholder": "{EXT_DIR}/build/locales_placeholder.json",
		"default": "en",
		"languages": ["zh_CN", "zh_TW", "pt_BR"],
		"editable": "{EXT_DIR}/build/editable.json"
	"ext": {
		"version": "3.0.5",
		"filename": "xstyle-{VERSION}",
		"gecko": {
			"manifest": "{EXT_DIR}/manifest/firefox.json",
			// Omit some information
		"crx": {
			"manifest": "{EXT_DIR}/manifest/chrome.json"
	// Omit some information
  • Run node build.js xstyle



File/Directory Version LICENSE GitHub
scripts/page/popup/mustache.min.js 2.3.0 MIT janl/mustache.js
scripts/md5.min.js 2.8.0 MIT blueimp/JavaScript-MD5
third-party/codemirror 5.28.0 MIT codemirror/CodeMirror
scripts/browser-polyfill.js - MPL 2.0 mozilla/webextension-polyfill
third-party/colorpicker 1.7.6 MIT easylogic/codemirror-colorpicker
third-party/mdl 1.3.0 Apache 2.0 google/material-design-lite
third-party/material-design-icons 3.0.1 Apache 2.0 google/material-design-icons
third-party/beautify 1.7.4 MIT beautify-web/js-beautify
third-party/clean-css 4.1.9 MIT jakubpawlowicz/clean-css
third-party/less 2.7.3 Apache 2.0 less/less.js
third-party/stylelint 8.2.0 MIT stylelint/stylelint

Everything else:

Copyright © 2005-2014 Jason Barnabe

Copyright © 2017-2018 FirefoxBar Team

Open source licensed under GPLv3.