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Remake of Logic 2010 written in C#
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Logic 2018 is a remake of Logic 2010, an educational logic game in which players solve logical derivations by instantiating logical rules.


An alpha build is available at Click on the operating system of your choice, unpack the zip archive and run the executable.

Future Direction

The program is currently fully command-line based with 5 problem sets in sentential logic and a few rules.
Further Alpha Releases:
-More rules and problem sets will then be added
-Predicate logic will then be added with new rules and problem sets
-Bugs will be fixed as they arise

Beta Release:
-Beta release will introduce a GUI interface using the Unity Engine
-Web and Mobile will also be introduced and tested

Final Release:
-The full final release will be available in the Web as well as on Mobile so that students can solve derivations wherever they go
-Integration with actual Logic courses will also be offered

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