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PKSM 9.2.0

@piepie62 piepie62 released this
· 135 commits to master since this release
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What's New

  • The Generation 3 and 8 hex editors are now filled in.
  • The QR scanner framerate is now much higher and supports Generation 3 QRs
    • This should not affect scanning time

Fixes and behind-the-scenes changes

  • Fix a few Pokémon form names
  • Add valid size for SWSH v1.0->1.2, not just 1.1->1.2
  • Fix Platinum (and possibly HGSS) unsaved box data
  • Actually create defaults folder if it's not already
  • Fix Archive::init failure with error 0xC92044E6
    • Note: this fixes the underlying issue. People that currently have this issue should seek help in our Discord server if they care about the Pokémon in their PKSM bank.
  • Fixed defaults not saving changes between application restarts
  • Fix an issue with the Ranger Manaphy Wonder Card
  • Fix G3 nickname case when generating

Other notices

  • As PKSM does have an auto-updater, you likely will not have to update manually



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