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Flashpoint Launcher


  1. Download the project (and extract it, if it was downloaded as an archive).
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate it to the projects root folder.
  3. Run npm install


  1. Open a command prompt and run npm run build then npm run watch
  2. Open another command prompt and wait for build to complete, then run npm run start

The build command compiles the source code, and copies the resources, to the build folder.

The watch command runs a piece of software that detects changes made to the source code and resources, and re-builds the application whenever a change is detected. Highly recommended to leave running while you are developing (and preferably within sight, since it shows compilation errors - also because it crashes sometimes).

The start command launches the current build of the application. This will not automatically update when you change the source code or resources, you have to restart it manually.


Run npm run release:PLATFORM (where PLATFORM is either win32 or linux)

The release builds can be found in the dist folder (the folder is created when making a release build).


"Not allowed to load local resource" Error

If this error appears in the electron applications console, it is probably because the file it is looking for does not exist. To solve this, run npm run build

Example: Not allowed to load local resource: file:///<ProjectPath>/build/renderer/index.html