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Fleek is all you need to build websites and apps on the new open web: permissionless, trustless, censorship resistant, and free of centralized gatekeepers.


  1. space-sdk Public

    The Space SDK is a JavaScript/Typescript library for building web and mobile applications leveraging Open Web and distributed protocols like IPFS, Textile, GunDB, and Ethereum.

    TypeScript 189 19

  2. The Space Daemon packages together IPFS, Textile Threads/Buckets, and Textile Powergate (Filecoin*) into one easy to install Daemon to make it easy to build peer to peer and privacy focused apps.

    Go 213 37

  3. File Upload (encrypted), File Sharing, Filecoin Markets (TBD), and User Controlled Data. You can access same methods from the Space Daemon using our JS client, so you don't need to worry about gRPC…

    JavaScript 75 7

  4. Workshop and Example to showcase how to build a desktop application on top of the Space Daemon and Client. From installation to building a full fledged private and peer to peer application

    JavaScript 31 3

  5. JS SDK to interact with Fleek Storage

    JavaScript 28 11

  6. Github action that wraps dfx commands to deploy canisters to Dfinity on push

    JavaScript 33 13