Plugin for dokku that provides a Postgresql server in a single container
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dokku-psql-single-container is a plugin for dokku that provides a Postgresql server in a single container for your applications.

It uses the official Postgresql docker image (version 9.3) by default but you can provide an alternative image.

This version is compatible with dokku 0.3.26+.


# dokku 0.3.26
$ git clone /var/lib/dokku/plugins/psql-sc
$ dokku plugins-install

# dokku 0.4+
$ dokku plugin:install

Providing an alternative docker image for PostgreSQL

If you want to use an alternative image instead of the default postgres:9.3 one, you just have to set it in the global dokku config before running dokku plugins-install.

dokku config:set --global PSQL_SC_IMAGE=postgres:9.4

Setting a custom PSQL_ROOT

By default, this plugin stores its data in $DOKKU_ROOT/.psql-sc. If you want to store it elsewhere, you have to set the PSQL_SC_ROOT in the global dokku config. You should do it before running dokku plugins-install. Note: If you are using custom PSQL_SC_ROOT directory, make sure it is writable by dokku user.

dokku config:set --global PSQL_SC_ROOT=/my/custom/path

Binding Postgresql port to another IP

By default, the container is not reachable from outside. The container can be bound to an IP of your choice by setting PSQL_SC_BIND_IP to an IP in the global dokku config.

dokku config:set --global PSQL_SC_BIND_IP=


$ dokku help
    psql:admin_console                              Launch a postgresql console as admin user
    psql:console     <app>                          Launch a postgresql console for <app>
    psql:create      <app>                          Create a Postgresql database for <app>
    psql:delete      <app>                          Delete Postgresql database for <app>
    psql:dump        <app> > <filename.dump>        Dump <app> database to PG dump format
    psql:link        <source> <target>              Link <source> app DB to <target> app
    psql:list                                       List all databases
    psql:restart                                    Restart the Postgresql docker container
    psql:restore     <app> < <filename.*>           Restore database to <app> from any non-plain-text format exported by pg_dump
    psql:start                                      Start the Postgresql docker container if it isn't running
    psql:status                                     Shows status of Postgresql
    psql:stop                                       Stop the Postgresql docker container
    psql:unlink      <app>                          Remove DB config for <app>
    psql:url         <app>                          Get DATABASE_URL for <app>
    psql:version                                    Output version of plugin


This plugin adds the following environment variables to your app automatically (they are available via dokku config):



Start PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:start                 # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:start      # Client side

Stop PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:stop                  # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:stop       # Client side

Restart PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:restart               # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:restart    # Client side

Create a new database for an existing app:

$ dokku psql:create foo            # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:create foo # Client side

Dump database:

$ dokku psql:dump foo > filename.dump # Server side

Restore database from dump:

$ dokku psql:restore foo < filename.dump # Server side

For plain-text format, you should do this instead:

$ dokku psql:console < dump.sql

Copy database foo to database bar using pipe:

$ dokku psql:dump foo | dokku psql:restore bar # Server side

Link an existing DB to another application

$ dokku psql:link app_with_db target_app # Server side

Unlink an application

$ dokku psql:unlink foo # Server side

If you inadvertently unlink an app owning a DB, there is a very easy way to recover the configuration vars:

$ dokku psql:link foo foo # Server side

Known issues

When upgrading Dokku to a newer version, owner of /home/dokku/.psql-sc/data will be changed to dokku. It can causes errors with the container.

You’ll have to restore the previous owner by issuing the following command:

$ chown 999 -R /home/dokku/.psql-sc/data


This plugin is based originally on the one by Olivier Hardy.


This plugin is released under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE.