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My one and only vim config

This is the .vim & .vimrc files that I use everywhere I can use vim and git my config. I could improve a lot of things, starting with a special colorscheme on non 256-colors terminals. plus some scripts to automate the activation of modules and the installation of .vimrc on a new computer


  • vim 7.2 (ubuntu package)
  • ruby (for command-t)
  • 256-colors terminal


this config uses pathogen which is just awesome. It allows to separate bundles in their own directories instead of putting everything in the ~/.vim root.

add a bundle

In order to install a new bundle, one must add it in the bundle-available directory.

activate a bundle

those of you who are familiar with pathogen know that bundles live in the bundle directory. In order to be able to activate/deactivate bundles everything in bundle is a symlink to the real module in bundle-available


I'm looking for a way to handle per-project activation of bundles because I don't need omnicppcomplete everyday and I want to deactivate it most the time


You can fork my config, I would be happy to get pull requests as well