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Shorten is an add-on app for ownCloud that enables one-click URL shortening. It's features include:

  • Automatic replacement of the public share URL with the shortened URL
  • No need to create a seperate "Shorten" URL
  • Internal shortner or support
  • Ability to completely hide the ownCloud server with the internal shortener by proxying shortened requests through another server
    • Note: While normal shares will never expose the ownCloud URL, password protected files will as the password display screen must be supplied to the user.


Step 1: Install the add-on

  • Place this app in owncloud/apps/shorten (Rename the extracted ZIP to "shorten" or you will receive errors)
  • Re-login to owncloud and run the update

Step 2: Setup the shortening server

Step 2 - Option A:

To use, all you need to do is aquire an API key to use in the admin settings. You can aquire a key using these instructions from Google:

Step 2 - Option B: Internal shortener and privacy filter

Next, you must setup your shortening server. This can be the same webserver you are running ownCloud on, or a completely different server to enable a privacy filter for your owncloud installation. For the purpose of this guide, we will assume your setup is:

To accomplish this, you should copy the REMOTE-HOST/index.php to the remote host, however you wish. In this example we use scp:

mylongdomain ~# scp /var/www/owncloud/apps/shorten/REMOTE-HOST/index.php root@mydomain.ext:/var/www/s/index.php

Next, on the shortening server, edit the file to include your ownCloud server URL and set enabled to true:

mydomain ~# vi /var/www/s/index.php

# Enter your owncloud URL below with no trailing slash
# Ex. "https://mydomain.ext/owncloud"
$owncloud_url = "https://mylongdomain.ext:port/owncloud";

# Set enabled to true when you are ready to use the application
$enabled = true;
#$enabled = false;

Step 3: Configure the app

Lastly, visit the administration page for ownCloud and in the Shorten configuration include your shortening server's URL, which is everything before ?SHORTCODE if you are using the internal shortener. In this case:


If you're using, you would need to include your API key in the provided settings box.

At this point, when you check the box to share a file publically, the app will replace the public share link displayed in the ownCloud web interface.


A URL Shortening and Privacy Tool for ownCloud






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