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Math for procedurally generating things - Written in swift 1.2
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##ProceduralKit - Swift framework for procedurally generated noise.

This library generates 2D Perlin Noise and also 2d Fractal Brownian Motion.

Perlin noise is useful for generating procedurally generated things. It provides smoothed random numbers. However, because they're smoothed, the images it produces are a bit blurry. To combat this, the noise is basically repeated onto itself a number of times, which produces more 'sharp' images. This last bit is the Fractal Brownian Motion.


import ProceduralKit

let noise = ProceduralKit.PerlinNoise(grid: ProceduralKit.PerlinNoise.generateGrid(100, width: 100))
let motion = FractalBrownianMotion()
motion.noise = {(x, y) in, y)}

let value =,3)

There are some caveats, namely that, while it won't error on you if you try to access values below 0 and above whatever the max height(y) or width(x).

You can also specify your own grid, which should be an array of array of tuples (the type is [[(x: CGFloat, y: CGFloat)]]). Each of the tuples should be a vector on the unit circle (that is, x^2 + y^2 should equal 1).


Use Carthage. github "younata/ProceduralKit"

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