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  • Mailspring now shows visual previews of PDF, DOCX, XLSX, XLS, CSV, and Markdown attachments on Windows and Linux as well as macOS. Selecting an attachment in the message view and pressing the space bar or clicking the small "eye" icon shows a preview of the contents in a new window, so you can finally view PDFs, etc. without leaving your Mailbox!


  • Mailspring no longer crashes with a fatal error on CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.6 with a "CXXABI_1.3.9" message. When we upgraded to Electron 4, using GCC++5 to build parts of Mailspring resulted in libraries too new for some linux platforms.

  • In dark mode, text in message bodies is no longer black.

  • The copy and cut context menu items are disabled when right-clicking a password field.

  • The Brazillian Portuguese translation has been improved (Thanks @leoescarpellin!)

  • You can now view Mailspring's open source license and all of it's dependencies' licenses and copyright notices from the menu.

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  • An important bug that caused Mailspring to occasionally send blank or incomplete drafts (especially long relies or messages with significant quoted text) has been resolved! #948

  • Printing email messages now works reliably and a new "Save as PDF" option in the print window makes it easy to export an email thread. #1236 #1027

  • Extremely long messages now clip in the message panel and a "popout" option allows you to view their entire text in a separate window, similar to Gmail. This allows Mailspring to more reliably maintain good performance as you browse your email.

  • A Brazillian Portuguese translation has been added (Thanks @leoescarpellin!)

  • Russian and Japanese translations have been improved (Thanks @kometchtech, @TiiRiiX)

  • Mailspring now runs on Electron 4. This should fix the menu bar not appearing in Ubuntu 18.10 (#1258, #1158) and comes with a long list of bug fixes and improvements (Mailspring was previously on Electron 2.0.14.) As of this release, Mailspring and Electron no longer support macOS 10.9.

  • The has:attachment search filter has been added. Note that this clause only returns messages Mailspring has downloaded and has "seen" the attachments for. (Currently the last three months of mail.) #1260


  • Sending emails with consecutive whitespaces now works as expected. #1270

  • Mailspring now adds itself to the Dock in macOS Mavericks properly. #1256

  • The Send and Archive option is no longer shown when you're composing a new message. #980

  • Mailspring no longer hangs when trying to sync a mailbox containing a message with an unidentified MIME part. #1266

  • Mailspring no longer inserts an extra whitespace when you compose a reply with a default signature. #1264

  • The tool tip displayed when scrolling in the message panel is now localized correctly.

  • Copy / paste and the Terms / Privacy links in billing and registration windows now work properly. #1280

  • Open tracking pixels now display as Sent from Mailspring when the recipient's email client shows image alt text. It's important we have alt text identifying the image in some way for highest deliverability, but the previous open tracking alt text was a bit too revealing for many users.

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1.5.3 (11/25/2018)


  • French and Japanese localizations have been improved. (Thanks @komentech, @shyne99!)

  • Mailspring now honors "Do Not Disturb" on macOS and "Quiet Time" on Windows. Notifications do not appear and the "new mail" sound does not play.

  • Mailspring is more stable and handles a variety of edge cases better thanks to crash reports from Sentry.

  • Right-clicking an image and choosing "Copy Image" now works correctly on Linux.

  • Mailspring's Outlook keyboard shortcut preset now includes Ctrl-Q for "mark as read" and many other shortcuts. On Windows, Alt-F4 quits the program rather than the non-standard Ctrl-Q.


  • Mailspring now uses it's own logo API rather than Clearbit's, since we cannot provide appropriate Clearbit attribution when the logo images are used in email signatures.

  • Mailspring now ships with Electron 2.0.14, which fixes a variety of small issues. We will move to Electron 4.x as soon as electron/electron#14260 is resolved.

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  • Mailspring now defaults to English for languages whose translations have not been manually reviewed by a contributor. You can customize the interface language via a new setting in Preferences > General.

  • Hundreds of translations have been manually reviewed and refined in German, Chinese, French and Korean. (Thanks to @pandanonyme @jungin500 @qitar888 @DarkSmile92!)

  • When connecting a Yahoo Mail account, Mailspring notes that Yahoo requires an App Password. Provider-specific notes are also included in the "View Log" text for easier debugging.

  • You can now change the "Sender Identity" (the name that is sent in the From field with your email address) for each account in Preferences > Accounts. #1169


  • Mailspring no longer aggressively autocompletes :10 to the :100 emoji, or :12 to the :1234 emoji, to avoid conflicts with typing times. #1148

  • On macOS, Mailspring's spellchecker correctly transitions to the language you're typing in consistent with Linux and Windows.

  • The Emoji picker now works correctly when using Mailspring in a language other than English. #1189

  • Shrinking Mailspring's UI using the "inteface zoom" setting no longer causes spellchecking "squiggles" to become invisible.

  • The "Does Not Contain" mail rule now requires that every item in the field not contain the text as expected, rather than just requiring that any one of the items (senders, recipients, etc.) not contain the text. #1110

  • Mailspring's "Upgrade to Pro" modal no longer appears badly clipped when using a custom interface zoom level.

  • The fixed size "Add an Account" window now ignores custom zoom levels so that fields and forms are not clipped.


  • Mailspring now uses React 16.6 (up from 16.2), which fixes a few critical bugs including a problem where the interface could "lock" indefinitely if too many re-renders were backlogged.

@bengotow bengotow released this Oct 26, 2018 · 84 commits to master since this release

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  • Reverts a change to IMAP message parsing that was designed to extend support for Proton Mail Bridge, which caused many emails from some IMAP servers to appear to be from "NIL".

@bengotow bengotow released this Oct 22, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

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  • Mailspring now supports localization! The app detects your system locale and all text, menus, buttons, etc. in the app appear in your language. Mailspring's core strings has been manually localized in 38 languages and the rest (mostly error messages and text describing features) have been automatically translated.

    • We'd love your help improving these localizations! A new "Developer > Toggle Localizer Tools" menu option in Mailspring allows you to submit better translations right within the app. You can also edit the translation files directly and submit a pull request. See the new localizer guide here.

    • If you use a RTL language, Mailspring's entire UI now appears right-justified, including the sidebar, preference panels, scrollbars, and more. If you use Mailspring in Arabic or Hebrew and notice issues in the right-to-left presentation, please file issues or submit pull requests.


  • The "contact profiles" feature of Mailspring Pro is much more robust and reliable thanks to a new profile discovery mechanism.

  • The "contact profile" sidebar shows the Gravatar associated with the email address before falling back to the "empty box with initials".

  • Mailspring now uses the latest version of libetpan, which improves stability and fixes several parsing bugs. It also more flexibly parses IMAP responses that include unquoted text fragments. #429

  • On Linux, Mailspring now uses the pixmaps dir to show an icon in the corner of each window. #1135

  • On Linux, Mailspring uses circular icons rather than square ones. #1098

  • The padding of the search bar in the Darkside theme has been fixed. #1048


  • Trying to open a package that does not define engines in it's package.json no longer crashes the app.

  • Mailspring now uses Electron 2.0.11 which resolves #1108.

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  • Mailspring no longer attempts CRAM-MD5 SMTP auth instead of PLAIN or LOGIN when both are supported.
    CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 require you've exchanged a shared secret with the SMTP server which is almost
    never the case. #620

  • Mark as Spam now appears in the right-click dropdown menu for threads.

  • The IMAP/SMTP port dropdowns no longer "stick" the first time you change them during setup.

  • Mailspring now lets you know if your SMTP server refused to relay a test message during setup.

  • Mailspring now correctly supports SMTP accounts that do not require a username or password. #469

  • Open and link tracking now work correctly for accounts using Courier IMAP (where sent messages
    do not appear until re-selecting the folder via IMAP.)


  • Mailspring now prints descriptive SMTP error strings instead of SMTP error codes in logs.

@bengotow bengotow released this Aug 13, 2018 · 139 commits to master since this release

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  • Don’t allow shift-U, shift-I, etc. to be menu accelerators that override composer bubbling. This fixes a bug where, with the Gmail shortcuts enabled, typing Shift-U or Shift-I in the composer would mark the message as read.

@bengotow bengotow released this Aug 9, 2018 · 141 commits to master since this release

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Mailspring 1.4 adds macOS Touch Bar support and expands the Thread and View menus to include a wider range of functionality previously tied to keybindings but missing from the apps menus.

Mailspring 1.4 also brings a revised welcome screen that separates Office 365 and Outlook and adds presets for Yandex and GMX. The new welcome screens display tips specific to each provider, ensuring that you follow any required steps (like creating an App Password or enabling IMAP.)


  • Mailspring now connects to SMTP servers that only support GSSAPI or Kerberos and PLAIN using the PLAIN method rather than trying to use Kerberos and failing. #341

  • The "undo send" toast in Mailspring now has a countdown timer, and the undo button has been visually differentiated from the background. #872

  • Emails no longer get "stuck" when using undo send in some scenarios. #336

  • Undoing a send of an inline reply during the undo-send time window no longer leaves the composer "locked" or re-sends the original draft. #596, #390

  • Mailspring no longer throws an exception when parsing quoted text for some emails.

  • Removing the last account from Mailspring no longer causes it to return to the "Connect an Account" screen with errors that prevent you from moving forward without restarting the app.

  • The print window now warns you if one or more messages were omitted because they were collapsed, and renders properly in the dark theme.

  • The default SMTP port for Outlook is now the STARTTLS default and not port 25. #725

@bengotow bengotow released this Jul 17, 2018 · 153 commits to master since this release

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Mailspring 1.3 brings an overhauled search bar with powerful autocomplete that makes it easier to create advanced search queries.

  • In addition to searching for freeform text and using the Gmail query language (subject:, in:, is:, from:, to:), Mailspring now allows you to search by date using natural language terms like since: "last week" and before: "february 5th". Try combining them with other terms to search a specific time window!

  • You can now right-click a thread to search for other threads from that sender or with that subject.

  • You can now focus the search bar and conduct searches entirely with keyboard shortcuts (use Escape to exit the search bar!) #960

Mailspring now uses Electron 2.0.2, which delivers some great bug fixes and new features

  • Chrome 61, Node 8.9.3, V8 6.1.534.41 with improved performance and lower memory footprints
  • Better GTK+ theme support, including support for menu styling
  • Better support for Linux desktop notifications
  • The app will no longer cancel restart or shutdown


  • Mailspring no longer clips some messages containing images incorrectly. #569

  • The Reply-To header is now shown when you expand the message headers. #973

  • Dropping images onto the composer now reliably inserts them as inline attachments. #822

  • Mailspring now correctly opens attachments with filenames containing emoji on Windows.

  • You can now drag and attachment out of Mailspring by it's quicklook preview as well as it's title.

  • Using Mailspring on Windows in a user account containing accent characters or other special characters no longer prevents attachments from being cached. #810

  • Mailspring no longer throws an exception when trying to display a message with attachments but no downloaded body. #804

  • The "hamburger" icon in the top right of the main window no longer appears gray-on-gray in the "Ubuntu" theme. #801

  • Auto-hiding of the menu bar now works correctly on Linux. #938

  • Clicking on the open/link tracking "detail dot" now shows individual tracking events correctly. #945

  • The Print window no longer contains an incorrect menu bar on Windows. #958

  • Signatures with Facebook and Twitter profiles now display the service favicons reliably when viewed in Gmail and Outlook. #968

  • Invalid themes no longer "brick" the app - Mailspring will present an alert with the error and offer to revert to the basic theme. (Mailspring-Theme-Starter/issues/1)