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Fove Unity Plugin

Welcome to Fove Unity plugin source repository!

This repository is here for people who want to contribute or be able to easily trace the changes between versions. It also contains a few test scenes that can be useful to learn how to use the plugin or test that your plugin custom changes didn't break anything.

If you are not interested in the source code but only in getting the plugin, we recommend you to download the built package directly from our website.


A few documentation resources are available for you:

  • QuickStart: For those that don't want to read too much and want to get started as soon as possible
  • Plugin Guide: Complete plugin manual. Contains detailed plugin explanations and know issues.
  • Upgrade Guide: Explains how to upgrade from a previous version of the plugin
  • Change Log: List of all the changes introduced in each version


This source code is under the MIT license. For more details see here