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Apr 19, 2020
Apr 14, 2020
Apr 19, 2020

Current Status of Release:

Developer Preview - There can be alot of Changes which is breaking the Experience (Crashes, Invalid Configs which have to be deleted, etc), be sure of that before Downloading.


  • Main Goals

    • Builds available for Windows, MacOS and Linux (AppImage)
    • Easy and Fast Setup
    • Designed towards a "Fast in - Fast Out" User Experience
    • Modern and Customizeable UI
    • Organize your WADs as you want on your Harddrive via Folders
  • Customization

    • Different Colorthemes
    • Set your own Wallpaper
    • Multi Language Support (NL, DE, EN)
  • Sourceports

    • Loadorder of Mods
    • DEH and BEX Support (only have to care about load order)
    • Sourceport agnostic, just configure the Sourceport as you want
    • SOON: Predefined Recipies for Sourceports based on the Filename
  • Filter/Search abilities for Mods and Packages

    • Fuzzyfilter by Modname or Directory location
    • Find your Mods easily your own directories on your Harddrive
    • Sort Mods and Packages by Newest, Oldest, Active, ASC or DESC
  • Package (Mod List) System

    • Oblige Build and Play direct in SSGL, every Modlist/Package can has its own generated Map
    • Config/Savegame Management by Package/Modlist (if the flags are set in the Sourceport)
    • Instant Play Feature which also loads the last Savegame of the Package
    • "Userparameters" for Advanced usage (--fastmonsters -warp etc.)
    • SOON: Import/Export Feature

Customization Examples

Wallpapers which are shown here dont ship with SSGL






Want to see SSGL in your Mother Tongue ?

See the LATEST English Locale File - And feel free how you send it to me, make an Issue, PR or join our Discord and PM it to me directly. Its your Choice.

Big Thanks to


DOOM is a registered Trademark of id Software LLC, a Zenimax Media company in the US and/or other Countries, and is used without permission. All other Trademarks are the property of their respective holders. SSGL is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by id Software.

All Icons and Graphics included in this Project are created by me (Thomas Petrovic) and Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Code Licensed under MIT License
Copyright (c) 2015 Thomas Petrovic


Super Shotgun Launcher - Modern Doom Frontend/Mod Launcher for every Desktop Operating System




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