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ESC: Email Search Command

(Or: Email Sucks Completely)

ESC is a simple proof-of-concept toy I'm hacking together because I want to play with Tantivy and would quite like a fast command-line email search tool.

It can index my ~2 million-strong ~/Maildir in under three minutes on my 12 core Westmere Xeon with a couple of SSDs, and answer most queries in under 40ms.

If you want a useful email search tool, I recommend notmuch. I hacked most of this together while waiting for notmuch new to catch up a few tens of thousands of messages, and it needs a lot of love to be more than a vague curiosity.

The name is a homage to HSC, the static website generator I used in the late 1990's. Because why not. Email does suck.


Indexing is multithreaded: one walks your maildirs, read-threads threads read and parse the emails, and index-threads write them to the search index. You should adjust them to taste based on available IO and CPU and how much data you have to index.

If no index directory is specified, it defaults to /tmp/email-sucks-completely.

-% esc -d ~/.local/esc index --read-threads=8 --index-threads=4 ~/Maildir
[10000 23080.88/sec] 433.259025ms
[20000 25133.71/sec] 795.74395ms
[2020000 14512.78/sec] 139.187685983s
[2030000 14536.14/sec] 139.651889859s
Indexed 2032748 messages in 143.837522255s
Final merge finished after 166.397419871s
-% esc -d ~/.local/esc search "notmuch mail"
/home/freaky/Maildir/.archive.2016.lists.notmuch/cur/,: Mail merge with notmuch
/home/freaky/Maildir/.archive.2012.lists.freebsd-ports-bugs/cur/1330172492.25158_0.voi.nightsdawn.sf:2,: ports/165468: New port: mail/notmuch
/home/freaky/Maildir/.archive.2016.lists.notmuch/cur/,: Re: Mail merge with notmuch
searched in 40.005954ms


Email Search Command, because Email Sucks Completely







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