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arr2036 committed Aug 15, 2019
1 parent 4c77496 commit 75846a9ab673289f7ca6e56960cef4f6666f20fa
@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ lhs OP rhs

The most common use-case for conditions is to perform comparisons.
The `lhs` and `rhs` of a conditional compaarison can be
xref:attr.adoc[&Attribute-Name] or link:cond_data[data]. The
The `lhs` and `rhs` of a conditional comparison can be
xref:attr.adoc[&Attribute-Name] or xref:type/index.adoc[data]. The
the `OP` is an operator, commonly `==` or `\<=`. It is used to
control how the two other portions of the condition are compared.

@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ NOTE: The documentation is this directory is _reference_
documentation. That is, it describes the syntax of `unlang` keywords,
using minimal examples. The reference documentation does not,
however, describe _when_ to use the keywords, or _how_ to create
policies. Please see the xref:../howto/index.adoc[howto] directory for
policies. Please see the xref:howto:index.adoc[howto] directory for
more in-depth "how to" guides.

The documentation is organized so that each item is on its own page.
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ The `unlang` processing can be split into some high-level concepts.

xref:keywords.adoc[Keywords], which are the basic statements of the
language, e.g., xref:load-balance.adoc[load-balance],
xref:if.adoc[if], link:else.adoc[else], etc.
xref:if.adoc[if], xref:else.adoc[else], etc.

@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@ name of an instance of a pre-packaged module such as `sql`, or `ldap`, or

The documentation below describes how to reference modules. That is,
how to use `sql`, etc. in the policies. Please see the
link:../raddb/mods-available/[module configuration] and the
link:../howto/modules/[module howto] pages for information on
xref:raddb:mods-available/index.adoc[module configuration] and the
xref:howto:modules/index.adoc[module howto] pages for information on
configuring and using the modules.

@@ -48,13 +48,13 @@ xref:if.adoc[if] statement, the _expansion_ is evaluated again for every

If a matching xref:case.adoc[case] is found, the statements within that
xref:case.adoc[case] are evaluated. If no matching link:case[case] is
xref:case.adoc[case] are evaluated. If no matching xref:case.adoc[case] is
found, the "default" xref:case.adoc[case] is evaluated. This default is the
xref:case.adoc[case] with no _match_ text. If there is no default
xref:case.adoc[case], then the `switch` statement does nothing.

The _match_ text for the xref:case.adoc[case] statement can be an
xref:attr.adoc[&Attribute-Name] or link:cond_data[data].
xref:attr.adoc[&Attribute-Name] or xref:type/index.adoc[data].

No statement other than xref:case.adoc[case] can appear in a `switch`
statement, and the xref:case.adoc[case] statement cannot appear outside of a

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