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FreeTube Docs

This is the Official Documentation website for FreeTube, the Open Source YouTube client for Windows (10 and later), Mac (macOS 10.15 and later), and Linux built around privacy. It is built using Jekyll and deployed using GitHub Pages.


NOTE: Setting up a local instance of the site is not required to make contributions. Simply making changes to the Markdown files is enough. Setting up a local instance is however helpful if you plan on adding new pages or settings.

To setup the site yourself, you will need to have Ruby installed on your machine. Once installed, clone down the repository and run the following commands.

bundle install // Installs Dependencies
bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload // Creates local instance

You will now have a local version of the documentation site running on http://localhost:4000. Live reload is also enabled to automatically update the instance when changes are made.


We accept pull requests. If you'd like to contribute towards documentation then feel free to submit your changes and we will discuss / review them.

Looking through the Just The Docs Documentation (The theme that we use) will also be helpful depending on what changes you'd like to make.