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Code Generation Classroom

Learn to use SwiftGen & Sourcery to avoid having to type repetitive, boring code and improve your productivity and your code's type safety & maintenance!


  • This classroom expects that you already know how to write Swift 3+ code and have written a few (ideally iOS) applications.
  • We'll use Xcode 8.x, but Xcode 9.x should work too

During the classroom, we'll learn how to install SwiftGen and Sourcery, but you are encouraged to download the following ZIP files in advance to have them around in your Download folders and avoid any download latency during the classroom:


During the classroom, we'll use the following websites

Walkthrough & Step-Commits

The classroom will consist of multiple steps that we'll go through together

  • All the individual steps that we're gonna follow are listed in this repo's wiki.
  • Each step is represented by an individual commit in the steps branch of this repository.

💡 Be sure to keep that wiki open to follow along.

💡 In case you get lost or left behind, don't hesitate to look at the Step x.y markers in the wiki walkthrough and jump directly to the corresponding commit to catch up with the rest of the class!

Topics Overview

Discover the project

  • Clone this repository
  • The teacher will make a quick tour of the code and app features


  • Download, install & discover SwiftGen
  • Convert the existing code to use it
  • [Bonus] learn how to customize a template


  • Download, install & discover Sourcery
  • Try our first template to understand basic principles, discover the daemon mode
  • Discover & use the AutoCases template bundled with Sourcery
  • Try a third-party AutoJSONDeserialization template
  • Use AutoEquatable & AutoHashable templates
  • Create our own template for custom swift code

Bonus : Gyro

We won't probably have time to make a tour of Gyro, but if you're using Realm in your project, you'll likely be very interested in it.

It's again another Code-Generation tool, but this time to generate code (typically your Realm.Object classes) from .xcdatamodel, so that you can use Xcode's visual datamodel editor to edit your Realm model with a nice UI.

  • Install gyro using gem install gyro
  • Visit Gyro's repository and read the README
  • Open one xcdatamodel from the repo (or create your own)
  • Run gyro on that xcdatamodel with one of the template (Swift, ObjC, Android) provided and look at the generated code


Mastering code generation and SwiftGen, Sourcery and gyro templates






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