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Frink's Public Code. For security purposes, most code is still closed source, but will be open sourced after testing against real world data.

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  1. ntru-rs Public

    NTRUEncrypt library interface for Rust

    Rust 9 1

  2. NTRUMLS library interface for Rust

    Rust 2 1

  3. NTRUMLS C# Wrapper

    C# 1 1

  4. NTRU C# Wrapper

    C# 1 1

  5. utils-rs Public

    Utilities for working with Fractal Global Credits, in 100% pure Rust.

    Rust 1 1

  6. Forked from huonw/travis-cargo

    A standalone script that manages running Rust's cargo and several other related features on Travis CI.

    Python 1


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