A fully customizable web chat implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL which integrates nicely with common forum systems like phpBB, MyBB, FluxBB, SMF and vBulletin. A Flash and Ruby based socket connection can be used to boost performance.
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AJAX Chat Standalone

This is the standalone version of Blueimp's AJAX Chat. If you are looking for a version to integrate with your forum, select a different branch.

AJAX stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML". The AJAX Chat clients (the user browsers) use JavaScript to query the web server for updates. Instead of delivering a complete HTML page only updated data is sent in XML format.

By using JavaScript the chat page can be updated without having to reload the whole page.


Server-Side Client-Side
PHP >= 5 Enabled JavaScript
MySQL >= 4 Enabled Cookies
Ruby >= 1.8 (optional) Flash Plugin >= 9 (optional)


  • Easy installation
  • Usable as shoutbox
  • Multiple channels
  • Private messaging
  • Private channels
  • Invitation system
  • Kick/Ban or Ignore offending Users
  • Online users list with user menu
  • Emoticons/Smilies
  • Easy way to add custom emoticons
  • BBCode support
  • Optional Flash based sound support
  • Optional visual update information (changing window title)
  • Clickable Hyperlinks
  • Splitting of long words to preserve chat layout
  • Flood control
  • Possibility to delete messages inside the chat
  • IRC style commands
  • Easy interface to add custom commands
  • Possibility to define opening hours for the chat
  • Possibility to enable/disable guest users
  • Persistent client-side settings
  • Multiple languages (auto-detection of ACCEPT_LANGUAGE browser setting)
  • Multiple styles with easy layout customization through stylesheets (CSS) and templates
  • Automatic adjustment of displayed time to local client timezone
  • Standards compliance (XHTML 1.0 strict)
  • Accepts any text input, including code and special characters
  • Multiline input field with the possibility to enter line breaks
  • Message length counter
  • Realtime monitoring and logs viewer
  • Support for unicode (UTF-8) and non-unicode content types
  • Bandwidth saving update calls (only updated data is sent)
  • Optional support to push updates over a Flash based socket connection (increased performance and responsiveness)
  • Survives connection timeouts
  • Easy integration into existing authentication systems
  • Sample phpBB3, MyBB, PunBB, SMF and vBulletin integrations available
  • Separation of layout and code
  • Well commented Source Code
  • Developed with Security as integral part - built to prevent Code injections, SQL injections, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Session stealing and other attacks
  • Tested successfully with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari - built to work with all modern browsers :)


Essential documentation is contained in the attached readme files

For more documentation consult the github wiki: https://github.com/Frug/AJAX-Chat/wiki

For support questions use google groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ajax-chat

To report bugs use github issues: https://github.com/Frug/AJAX-Chat