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Botbehaviors and plugins for RebornBuddy, made by carbuncles!
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Botbehaviors and Plugins made by Carbuncles!

CarbuncleTech is a collection of botbehaviors and plugins for RebornBuddy, all packaged into one convenient suite.

New components will be pushed as they become available.


Please make sure you install CarbuncleTech to .\RebornBuddy\Plugins\CarbuncleTech.

Due to files being referenced through hardcoded paths, CarbuncleTech will not work if installed into a different folder.



Zoom Hack

A port of the Zoom Hack application into RebornBuddy. Will allow you to zoom out 10 times as far. Automatically updates it's offsets from the web.

Custom Game Titlebar

Adds the name of the character to the game client's titlebar. Useful for multiboxing.


Automatically select a combat routine based on the user's configuration to skip the manual selection dialog. Perfect for OrderBot profiles that switch classes/jobs.

OrderBot Behaviors


A simple wrapper around Saga's Lisbeth 3 JSON API that allows to easily pump crafting orders into Lisbeth.


Enables the bot to automatically select gearsets. Instead of having to specify which gearset you want to switch to, it is sufficient to specify which job you want to switch to. The bot will loop through it's gearsets and select the first matching one.


Will CarbuncleTech work on the Chinese or Korean client?

Probably not, the plugin is not designed with any other than the international client in mind.

Is there any documentation?

Orderbot behaviors come with a simple test Orderbot profile that illustrate the use of the behavior.

Plugins are not documented.

Why carbuncles?

So many colours! /ztk

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