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An advanced open-source combat assist botbase for RebornBuddy.
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Kombatant Logo

An Advanced Open-Source Combat Assist Botbase for RebornBuddy


Made by Freiheit with 💕 and 🍪.

Inspired by blasthoss' MudAssist.

Uses zzi's WPF Wrapper from LeveGen.


Kombatant comes with tons of features to make your life easier. Below is a short list of some of the highlights per category.

Combat Routine

  • CR Behaviour Control

    Allows fine-grained control over which behaviours you want the combat routine to potentially use. Don't want your routine to attack? What about healing? Perhaps today is a no-buff day.

  • Smart Pull

    When enabled, Kombatant will check whether you are in a party and if there is a tank present. The botbase will refrain from pulling mobs the tank has not tagged yet.

  • "Select Routine" Button

    Quickly pop open the Combat Routine selection dialogue from within the botbase settings to change combat routines on the fly. Easy as peasy!


  • Autonomous Mode

    Enabling this option influences how combat routines and plugins work, for instance your combat routine will automatically move closer to an enemy so it can be engaged. In return, you will lose a certain amount of control as the botbase will try to act fully autonomously.

  • Auto Accept/Complete Quests

    Automatically accepts open quests and will try to complete them if possible.

  • Auto Commence Duty

    Automatically commences a duty after x seconds.

  • Auto Duty Notify

    Automatically notifies you with a random sound snippet when your duty is ready.

  • Auto Emote

    Are you grinning or sad? Well, why not show it! Auto Emote can be used to keep up an expression emote like "/taunt" or "/grin" - even during battle and without disturbing your normal chat.

  • Auto End ACT Encounters

    Do you even parse, bro? When this option is active and an Advanced Combat Tracker process is found, Kombatant will send "/echo end" to the chat so ACT stops the encounter when the party is not engaged in combat for a set amount of time. No more fiddling with raid timers or having overlapping/fractured encounters.

  • Auto Face Target

    Automatically sets the game's "Face Target" option to the desired value.

  • Auto FATE Synchronization

    Targeting a FATE mob that requires level synchronization will automatically prompt Kombatant to sync to the FATE level if this option is enabled.

  • Auto Skip Cutscenes

    Skip most of the cutscenes. And advance the dialogue in those that cannot be skipped.

  • Auto Skip Dialogue

    When enabled, the botbase automatically skips through all dialogue.

  • Auto Sprint

    Will use Sprint whenever it is available.

  • Mechanics Warning

    Automatically faces away on gaze attacks and stops actions on standstill debuffs.

    Note: Implemented but buggy, only works when Auto Face Target is disabled.


  • Auto FATE Targeting Filter

    When you are within a FATE, only FATE-relevant mobs as well as already aggro'd mobs will be selected through the targeting strategy.

  • Auto Targeting

    If enabled, the botbase will automatically select a target. Various different strategies for target selection are available. As a Red Mage, I love BestAoE which will select the target that will cause the most AoE damage.

  • Max. Range Filter

    When set to a value > 0 it will limit the range for target selection. Setting it to 0 will use the maximum pull range of the currently selected CR.

  • Target Whitelist to farm specific mobs

    Special filter for farming just a few mobs in an area. Park the bot, set the targets, start.


  • Auto Follow

    Will cause the bot to automatically follow either the party leader, the party tank or a fixed character at a set distance.

    Note: Due to technical limitations Auto Follow does not support jumping.

  • Auto Mount/Unmount for Auto Follow

    The leader mounts up, so the bot will mount up.

  • Auto Takeoff/Land for Auto Follow

    Will automatically take to the sky or land when the leader does it. Still requires some work because the method used is kind of wonky...

  • Follow Path Generation

    Switch between None, Navgraph (using the mesh) or Offmesh (using the same path as the leader).

  • Enable/Disable Avoidance

    Toggles avoidance support on and off. When enabled, Kombatant will automatically move out of telegraphed attacks advertised by the AvoidanceManager. Never be the dummy again!

  • Pause Avoidance on Bosses

    Will automatically pause the avoidance when fighting known dungeon bosses to ensure you do not forget to turn off avoidance.

    Note: Does contain all dungeon bosses from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward and Stormblood. Does not contain any deep dungeon bosses, raid bosses or trials.


  • Hotkeys

    Implemented, but no UI because WPF without processing it through the compiler is utter bullshit.

  • Dynamic Hotkeys

    Allows the user to specify hotkeys that will control i.e. the combat routine's built-in hotkeys and chain multiple keys together to one press (i.e. disable Kombatant's auto targeting while also disabling Kefka's AOE with one keypress).


This botbase requires the international version of RebornBuddy.

There is no explicit support for the Chinese version of the bot.


  1. Clone or unpack Kombatant into your .\RebornBuddy\BotBases folder.
  2. (Optional) Install the fonts in .\RebornBuddy\BotBases\Kombatant\Resources\Font.
  3. Restart RebornBuddy.
  4. Select Kombatant from the Botbase dropdown.

Known Issues And Limitations

  • There is no support for changing the hotkeys via the UI.

    This is a limitation of the current implementation and might be revised in the future.

  • Mechanic Warnings only work when Auto Face Target is turned off.

    The exact reason for this behaviour is currently unknown.

  • Auto-Follow Takeoff needs a bit of love.

    It works but the solution is dodgy and prone to errors.


  • Q: Why is the Chinese version not supported?

    A: The Chinese version of RebornBuddy is not on par with it's international twin when it comes to features and API. I do not want to strip out several features and keep patching the botbase for what are essentially two different products. Sorry.

  • Q: How do I add additional sounds for the Duty Notify?

    A: Convert them to WAV files and copy them into .\Resources\Audio.

  • Q: How do I edit the hotkeys or add dynamic hotkeys?

    A: Navigate to .\RebornBuddy\Settings\<CHARACTER NAME>\Kombatant and edit the Hotkeys.json file.

    TODO: Detailed instructions will follow here (if I do not forget to add them...).

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