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A simple and intuitive tool to update Cemu safely and fast.
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Cemu Update Tool

This tool, written using WinForms API, has the main goal to allow the user to migrate data quickly from an older Cemu installation to a newer one, thanks to a simple and intuitive GUI. It has also other features, including automatic download and extraction of the latest version of Cemu, desktop shortcut creation and compatibility options setting for Cemu.exe.
The behavior of the tool is deeply customizable with a substantial number of options, which can also be saved to a file so that will be loaded automatically at startup.
To download it, head to its official forum thread. .NET Framework 4.5 is at least required for the program to work.


There will be no more significant updates for this tool. New versions will be released only to fix bugs reported by users or to remain compatible with latest Cemu versions. You can propose new ideas in the Issues section anyway, I'll read them and see if they are worth the work.

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