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Everything you need for installing this is on the code page, but there is a easy installer on the downloads page I know you would like to see how it looks before installing so there are screenshots available on the download page (they are a bit old, there are more features now)

Project Goals:

  • Provide me with a thorough learning experience with PHP (I would say that was accomplished, but you be the judge)
  • Provide a full featured open source web based scanner suitable for use in a professional use environment
    • Obviously that allows you to scan from your smart phone
    • Would this require a fancy user name and login system
  • Provide a equivalent to or better service than any desktop GUI software for scanning
    • Flatbed scanning in batch mode with prompt to continue is not feasible as far I am aware
  • Include basic to moderate image editing for scans
  • Make similar software (both proprietary and open-source) look incomplete by comparison
  • Reduce the number of times a day you get the joy of dealing with people and "i can't print" issues.


  • Easy to install
    • Quick installer on the download page for Ubuntu
    • Manual instructions in the README
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Supports many languages requires you install them, the scanner will detect and use whatever you have installed
  • Flatbed Scanning
  • Document Feeder scanning (given hardware supports it)
  • Double sided scanning (given hardware supports it)
  • Optional Login system
    • Enable on line 6 of config.php
      The next line controls the max login duration
    • Allows any name/password without restriction
  • Edit scans
    • Both images and text files
    • Image Contrast
    • Image Brightness
    • Rotate images (with live preview in browsersExcluding IE 8 and below)
    • Scale images (make them bigger/smaller)
    • Crop images (using imgAreaSelect for the UI)
    • Change the color mode [Line Art (black and white no gray), Grayscale, and color]
  • Download PDF copies of image/text files
    • Both single page and multi page
  • Download a zip file of scans (useful for some phones)
  • Diagnostic features (Error handling/debug info)
    • Can even can give you fortunes in the debug console at every page load
      Can be disabled at the top of config.php
    • Tell you how to fix common issues
  • Warn about low disk space
  • Secure (don't allow unchecked access to the command line)
    • Even if there was a security hole the system permissions should prevent damage
    • No back doors
  • Designed for collaborative projects
  • Email scans directly from the server using your own email account
    • Auto detect email server settings based on email address domain as well as Thunderbird
  • Upload scans to the Internet (
    • Both Albums and Images (Anonymously only, not linked to a account)
    • Included image manager for uploaded images (none for albums, at least not yet)
      All images in a album are added to the manager
  • User friendly (you don't need to take a class to use it)
    • Only offers options options compatible with your hardware
  • Customizable color theme
  • Store custom scan settings
  • Store custom paper sizes
    • It also can detect paper sizes from the system
  • Display measurements in inches and millimeters (in tool-tips)
  • Supports multiple scanners at the same time
    • Supports networked scanners also
  • Able to auto delete old scans
    • Not enabled by default
    • Old is defined at the top of cleaner.php
  • Simulate scanners for development
  • Print scans
    • Requires client have a configured printer
  • Supports most browsers
    • See README
    • While IE8 is supported, I don't recommend using it. (It work, but it looks like crap)
  • Check for updates from the configuration page
    • Requires a Internet connection on the server
  • Auto automatically check for updates (as of 1.3-6)
  • Advertisement free (no ads)
    • Does saying "Scanned with PHP Scanner Server" in emails count as a add? (It is mainly to keep you from getting blamed for lack of fancy formating in the email)
  • Integrated Printer (as of 1.4-11)
    • Generated server side and upload support
    • Offer all options provided by the printer(double sided, input tray, color, etc.)
    • Print raw text
    • Make it possible to print from mobile devices (phone/tablet)
    • Provide workaround for the hell that is cross platform printer sharing


I will be keeping download-able versions on the download page for convenience.
I will leave plenty of old version there at least until disk space becomes a issue.

You can download released versions on the downloads page. You can read the Change Log if you like.
Older versions are here it also includes instructions to use simple-scan across your network.

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