GPG plugin for Apple Mail
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GPGMail is a plugin for OS X's, which let's you
send and receive secure, OpenPGP encrypted and signed messages.


The latest releases of GPGMail can be found on our official website.

For the latest news and updates check our Twitter.

Visit our support page if you have questions or need help setting up your system and using GPGMail.

Localizations are done on Transifex.


In order to use GPGMail you need to have GnuPG installed. You can either build your own version, use one from homebrew or find a packaged version for OS X at


Clone the repository

git clone
cd GPGMail

Grab Dependencies

In order to communicate with GnuPG we use our own Objective-C framework called Libmacgpg. It's necessary to clone the Libmacgpg repository first, before building GPGMail.

cd Dependencies
git clone
cd ..




Copy Libmacgpg.framework from Dependencies/Libmacgpg/build/Release/ to ~/Library/Frameworks.

After that copy the GPGMail.mailbundle file from build/Releases/GPGMail.mailbundle to ~/Libray/Mail/Bundles, re-start and enjoy.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X >= 10.9
  • Libmacgpg
  • GnuPG