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GPG plugin for Apple Mail

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.tx [NEW] Localizations
Dependencies Make sure Dependencies directory is created.
Docs Simpler option names.
Frameworks/RegexKit.framework [FIX] Removes nasty RegexKit warning [#796 state:fixed]
GPGMail.xcodeproj Merge branch 'yosemite' of into y…
GPGMail_Updater.xcodeproj [FIX] Make sure "Automatically check for updates" is enabled by defau…
GPGMail_Updater [FIX] Update Sparkle
Installer Adds the correct error message if GPGMail 2.x is installed on a syste…
MailHeaders Fix up class-dump exported headers.
Release Notes Add release notes for 2.5b5
Resources l10n
Source [FIX] Correctly restores sign and encrypt status if a message is "sen…
Test removed old testcase
UUID Patcher Use mdfind to find
Unit Tests Add a systemRootPath to prefix frameworks.
.gitignore Merge branch 'experimental' into dev
.gitmodules Removed submodules.
LICENSE.txt Links to and updated copyright info [#96]
Makefile [FIX] Don't execute downloaded code.
Makefile.config Prepare release of version: 2.5b5 added transifex info + better link to project page Improve beta expiration check. Fix mail headers root path. Adjust default time.


GPGMail is a plugin for OS X's, which let's you
send and receive secure, OpenPGP encrypted and signed messages.


The latest releases of GPGMail can be found on our official website.

For the latest news and updates check our Twitter.

Visit our support page if you have questions or need help setting up your system and using GPGMail.

Localizations are done on Transifex.


Clone the repository

git clone
cd GPGMail




To copy GPGMail into Mail's Bundles folder (as root if neccessary):

make install

More build commands

make help

Don't forget to install MacGPG2 and Libmacgpg.
Enjoy your custom GPGMail!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X >= 10.7
  • Libmacgpg
  • GnuPG
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