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Remove accidentially added debugging script left over from branch #49.

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1 parent e978309 commit b65a4ca07dc3bf2496f38ffdeccb3ad45d679124 @joergdietrich joergdietrich committed Mar 28, 2012
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-import galsim
-k0 = galsim._galsim.PositionD(0, 0)
-ser = galsim.SBSersic(2, 2)
-ser_shear = ser.shear(0.2, 0.2)
-box = galsim.SBBox(0.2)
-c1 = galsim.SBConvolve(ser)
-img1 = c1.draw()
-c2 = galsim.SBConvolve(ser_shear)
-img2 = c2.draw()
-print "Unsheared sersic min/max:", img1.array.min(), img1.array.max()
-print "Unsheared sersic flux:", ser.getFlux()
-print "Unsheared sersic value at k origin:", ser.kValue(k0)
-print "Sheared sersic min/max:", img2.array.min(), img2.array.max()
-print "Sheared sersic flux:", ser_shear.getFlux()
-print "Sheared sersic value at k origin:", ser_shear.kValue(k0)
-print "Box flux:", box.getFlux()
-print "Box value at k-origin:", box.kValue(k0)
-print "Convolution 1 flux:", c1.getFlux()
-print "Convolution 1 value at k origin:", c1.kValue(k0)
-print "Convolution 2 flux:", c2.getFlux()
-print "Convolution 2 value at k origin:", c2.kValue(k0)

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