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A very simple client/server library for multiplayer python games
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A very simple client/server library for multiplayer python games

  • Handle multi-rooms
  • TCP for server actions
    • Register to server (get uniq identifier)
    • Create/join/leave room
    • List rooms and capacity (ex: room1 2/10 players)
    • Autojoin the first non-full room
  • UDP for broadcasting data to other players

Quickstart and demo

Launch on your server :

  • ./python --tcpport 1234 --udpport 1234 --capacity 3
    • --udpport udp port to listen
    • --tcpport tcp port to listen
    • --capacity maximum players per room

Launch :

  • the main method from client is a test-case with 3 clients instances. The first create a room, second and third join and start sending data.

How to add multiplayer in your games

Start server :

user@server >>> ./python --tcpport 1234 --udpport 1234 --capacity 10

In the client code :

Only add the file to your project

# Add Client instance to your game
client = Client("", 1234, 1234, 1235)

# Get room list (room_id, nb_players, capacity)
rooms = client.get_rooms()

# You can join a room using room identifier (ex: first room)

# You can autojoin the first available room client.autojoin()
# Or you can create a new room with client.create_room("room_name")

# In your game main loop
while game_is_running:
    # Data to send
    data = {"foo": "bar", "baz": "gu"}

    # Send data to all players in the room
    # Send data to one player in the room
    client.sendto(someone.identifier, data)

    # Send data to multiple players in room
    players_ids = [player1.identifier, player2.identifier]
    client.sendto(players_ids, data)

    # Read received messages
    messages = client.get_messages()
    if len(messages) != 0:
        for message in message:

Each received message is given with remote player identifier.

Server commands

  • list : list server rooms
  • room #id : show informations about room
  • user #id : show informations about player
  • quit : quit server
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