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Welcome to the InviZible wiki!


InviZible Pro is an open-source android application. It can protect your internet privacy and security with well-known solutions such as DNSCrypt, Tor and Purple I2P which are used as modules. You can use them all together or activate only one or two at once. InviZible app combines its potential in the best way to achieve comfortable and secure use of the internet.

All application features can be used with root access which gives full control over your android device and power for InviZible to protect your information.

There is a way to use InviZible basic functions without root in combination with those applications that are available to create own local VPN tunnel or use a proxy. Something like NetGuard firewall, personalDNSfilter DNS filter proxy, Firefox browser, Telegram messenger.

It is possible to use InviZible main features with non rooted device.

InviZible can be used to prevent your tracking. Also, you can get access to all blocked Internet resources, Dark Net (onion sites) and Invisible Internet (i2p sites). InviZible helps to keep your freedom.

InviZible application is very flexible and can be used by everyone with the default setting. This is usually enough to protect your basic privacy and security. But if you want ultimate protection - no problem. You can configure many useful options to protect yourself better and smarter.

InviZible is compatible with the AfWall+ firewall.

InviZible blocks ipv6 due to some security issues with this protocol and the InviZible app.


  • Android 4.4.2 or a higher version
  • ARM processor
  • Rooted device for full functionality
  • Busybox recommended if you root user


  • Install InviZible like any other android application
  • It may be required temporarily enable "Unknown sources"
  • Open the installed app and allow root access, if you have one.
  • Allow to complete the installation
  • InviZible is ready to use

First Start

With InviZible default settings, you can achieve:

  • Start DNSCrypt to encrypt DNS queries and prevent DNS tracking
  • Start Tor to hide your IP address, encrypt whole device internet traffic, get access to blocked resources, get access to onion sites
  • Start I2P to get access to i2p sites

This product is produced independently from the Tor®, DNSCrypt, Purple I2P software and carries no guarantee from The Above Projects about quality, suitability or anything else.

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