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ignite-native-base-boilerplate v2

NativeBase Ignite Boilerplate Preview

Quick Start

You can run the following command to create the boilerplate, provided you have Ignite CLI installed.

ignite new appname --boilerplate native-base-boilerplate

You can also change the React Native version, just keep in mind, we may not have tested this just yet.

ignite new appname --react-native-version 0.46.4 --boilerplate native-base-boilerplate

By default we'll ask you some questions during install as to which features you'd like. If you just want them all, you can skip the questions:

ignite new appname --max --boilerplate native-base-boilerplate

If you want very few of these extras:

ignite new appname --min --boilerplate native-base-boilerplate

Quick Examples

$ ignite add maps
$ ignite add vector-icons
$ ignite generate screen ScreenName
$ ignite generate container ContainerName
$ ignite generate component ComponentName
$ ignite generate list ListName
$ ignite generate map StoreLocator
$ ignite add i18n
$ ignite remove i18n

Demo Examples

$ ignite generate screen MyNewScreen

Generate New Screen

$ ignite generate container MyNewContainer

Generate New Container

$ ignite generate component MyNewComponent

This generates a generic components which is reusable in any screen of the app.

Generate New Component

$ ignite generate list MyNewList

Generate New List

Generate New List


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