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👋 Hi there

Our Genyboys and Genygirls look familiar 😊? Yes, we are making the most out of Android since 2011 💪.

Initially a simple, fast, developer’s favorite Android emulator when others would take more than the time for a coffee to setup and launch a virtual device; Genymotion has evolved into a full-fledged Android platform, available across multiple media both in the cloud and on your desktop.

Our vision is to provide Android capabilities at an affordable price to all stakeholders who have to navigate the Android world, from the newcomer to the all-around expert.

⚙️ Products

Product Description
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Device Image
Virtual Android images for Cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba, Oracle).
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Genymotion Android virtual devices online on Genymobile servers for test automation and more!
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Create and run virtual Android devices with multiple Android versions on your computer.

💡 Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Oh by the way, you can find our product documentation 📖 here.

🤝 Opensource contributing

We maintain our own open source projects:

  • scrcpy - A tool to display and control your Android device
  • gnirehtet - Provide reverse tethering for Android

while contributing to the third-party tools 🔧 we use for our Genymotion products and documentation:

Genymotion team.

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  1. A plugin that allows you to control, simply, all your Genymotion devices from your Gradle scripts

    Groovy 161 42

  2. gm_pr Public

    A multi project Github pull request viewer

    Python 43 14

  3. scrcpy Public

    Display and control your Android device

    C 84.5k 8.7k

  4. gnirehtet Public

    Gnirehtet provides reverse tethering for Android

    Java 5.2k 506

  5. Genymotion Virtual Device Web Player

    JavaScript 50 18



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