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Simple, focused variant library for the D programming language
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Minivariant: Simple, focused variant library


Minivariant provides a simple way to work with a tagged union. It aims to provide a replacement for std.variant.Algebraic, which is built on top of std.variant.Variant.

The issue that spawned this effort was the inability of Algebraic to work with basic type conversion, e.g. it triggers a static assertion failure to assign an immutable int to an Algebraic containing an int.


The main type is geod24.variant : Variant. It takes a tuple of accepted parameters:

auto my_variant = Variant!(uint, char, bool, string)("Hello world");

It provides a pedestrian usage, via isType and peek, and a more structured approach via visit.


This is the "pedestrian" usage:

@safe unittest
    // Default construction is forbidden
    // If you really need an empty Variant, use a dummy type
    auto variant = Variant!(uint, bool)(uint(42));
    // You can check the active type
    // Even with types which are not part of the variant

    // You can peek a value
    if (auto valptr = variant.peek!uint)
        assert(*valptr == 42);
    if (auto valptr = variant.peek!bool)
    if (auto valptr = variant.peek!int)

The visit approach needs an externally constructed overload set, so regular overloaded functions, either in a module or an aggregate are okay:

public class ValueAsString
    import std.format;
    public static string opCall (T) (ref T value)
        return format("%s %s", T.stringof, value);

@safe unittest
    auto variant = Variant!(byte, char, string, bool)(byte(42));
    assert(variant.visit!ValueAsString == "byte 42");
    variant = true;
    assert(variant.visit!ValueAsString == "bool true");
    variant = "Hello World";
    assert(variant.visit!ValueAsString == "string Hello World");
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