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ASCII Checkers Game with levels of AI : DS & Algorithms coursework, C++14
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Modern C++ Checkers game with ASCII art

This project implements a game of checkers with an optimal AI functionality.
It was given as a final coursework for my Data Structures & Algorithms module at university.
A freedom of language choice was given so C++ was my language of choice for this one.

Realtime CI feedback from
Build status


  • moving: move Coord1 Coord2 (e.g. move C2 D1)
  • undoing: undo (works continuously)
  • redoing: redo (works continuously)
  • saving: save "name" (not extensions needed - just the save name - e.g. WorstGameEvah)

Future development

  • implement alpha-beta prunning in the minimax algorithm for AI
  • add a decent amount of unit tests ASAP
  • implement good Serialization in C++
  • add C++Amp/OpenCL for faster and more robust AI algorithm processing
  • create a cross-platform build system using CMake
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